I don't know why, but I like to wonder what if's. It keeps me thinking and young. I like to wonder about all of the possible scenarios in the world, and it's fun.

Recently the "what if" question I've been having is, what if I won a million dollars, what would I do with it? I have a pretty clear idea of it, and it would be something really cool.

Now I'm not going to stop my life if I suddenly win a million dollars. No, that's not me and I am someone that loves to be working and doing something productive. It's sort of how I gain my confidence and stay confident, I feel at my best when I am being productive.

Also, nobody can really live their entire lives on a million dollars anymore. If so, it's incredibly hard because everything is so expensive. That's just a reality of the world.

Now, there are two options that I am really considering doing with a million dollars. One option is something that I've really become passionate about. The other is where my brain takes more a role in the decision-making aspect.

The option where it's lead mostly with my brain is the one where I save my money. A million dollars is still a lot of money, and if used right, it can go a long way. That's what I want for my future kids.

I am going to be a teacher and when I'm not teaching, I really want to get involved with non-profit work. It's something that I love doing and incredibly passionate about. The problem with these career options is that they don't make a lot of money.

That's hard when I want to be able to send my 3-4 kids to the college of their choice and not have them worry about student loans. My parents aren't making me pay for my college, they didn't make my brother pay for his college, so I'm going to do the same for my kids. It just means that I have to save up and be really stingy about my money starting relatively soon.

If I had a million dollars, I would save it up for my kids' tuitions. It's just something that I find crucial for them because I value education a lot, and I'm enforcing that my kids get a college education. It's too important for me to ensure they have that.

That was the brain-guided option. The option that is guided by my heart and passion is related to what I want to do when I'm older.

If I had a million dollars, I would work with a non-profit and donate it to that non-profit. I would donate all of it to the nonprofit. Now, there are many circumstances to this idea.

I'm not going to just donate and then never see or work with them again. No, that's ridiculous to me. I want to be apart of the nonprofit that I'm donating it too.

To me this includes being passionate about the cause and understanding exactly where the money is going, and how it's being used to help the organization. I'm not someone to waste money, I know that each dollar I earn or win in this case needs to be going to something that's effective towards the charity. That could be renovating a part of the charity or buying a lifetime supply of something that's crucial to making the organization run effectively.

Ultimately, I don't want it to be wasted.

I want it to be towards an organization that I care deeply about and would promote regardless if I had any money to donate.

Also, I would want to be an active part of the organization. I want to help out and volunteer as much as I can because if I'm donating the money, I might as well donate my time.

That's what I would do if I won a million dollars.