How to Save for Study Abroad

During the school year it’s hard to save money for luxuries like studying abroad, because most college students have no source of income. And those who do are probably over extending themselves at part time jobs or inconsistent, unreliable side jobs. Here is an easy guide on how to save money for Study Abroad during the school year without wasting precious study or class time.

Start a savings account:

Don’t keep all of your savings on a debit card because you are going to want to spend it all at once. Instead whenever you get new funds deposit them into a savings account and whenever you need spending money transfer it over to your debit card. This will give you an allotted amount of money on your debit card to spend at a certain amount of time.

Try getting a job on campus:

If you’re financial aid allows it, try getting a work study on campus. Most universities will pay you $10.10 an hour for as little as 4 hours a week. Try getting a job within your major like writing for the paper, directing a news show, or helping to choreograph dances for your university’s dance school. Divide up your money from your work study job and put ⅔ in your savings account and ⅓ on your debit card for spending money.

Sell clothes or textbooks online:

Have a bunch of nice clothes you don’t wear any more/ don’t fit? Try selling your used designer clothes on Poshmark, Etsy or Letgo. Sites like these usually only take clothes, bags, or shoes in good condition that are relatively instyle within the last 2-3 years. Try selling your old textbooks on Letgo. Depending on the condition and demand of your books you can make hundreds of dollars selling online. Put all those profits toward your study abroad trip!

Sell homemade gifts on etsy:

From handmade jewelry to embroidered home decor, etsy is the perfect place to explore your creative side while making good money. There is a demand for specific, unique gifts and keepsakes on etsy, like monogrammed and embroidered items.

Save your money from working over the summer:

Ditch the new bathing suits, summer concerts, and weekend getaways for something bigger, a study abroad trip. Working a 9-5 job can bring in a lot of cash if you save over the summer and don’t spend on insignificant things. The chance to study abroad in multiple countries is bigger than carnivals and trips to the beach.

Use these tips to help save money for your next study abroad trip, or vacation. Saving is easier than you think when you have the right mindset and motivation. Hope to see you around the globe soon.

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