How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Using PDO Thread Treatment
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How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Using PDO Thread Treatment

Are you unhappy with skin and are seeing some wrinkles appear on unwanted areas?

How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Using PDO Thread Treatment

Do you want to look and feel better but are scared of getting some skin surgery work done?

This blog will help you learn about an effective treatment that is PDO Thread ift treatment treatment. This provides skin with a complete makeover without any scary side effects or weird after-effects of more invasive treatments.

What is a PDO Thread Treatment?

A PDO Thread lift is a skin rejuvenating treatment that helps lift your face and improving wrinkles. It is a highly-effective and widely popular procedure that offers a non-surgical solution for lifting loose skin within the face and neck region. It essentially repositions the tissues on face by using non-surgical methodology that can help regain youthful look.

The PDO sutures are made from a highly absorbable polymer, and threads are made from polydioxanone. There are essentially three types of textures one can apply for their procedure.

Screw Threads: Can increase the volume to look nice and feel smooth if you see some sagginess in a particular area. They use two intertwined PDO Thread lift techniques to give it a good look.

Cog Threads: This PDO thread technique helps simulate a high collagen natural skin look.

Mono Threads: You can get a doctor to do this PDO Thread lift for a more subtle look and smoother textures. It ensures you look fabulous with glowing skin.

Deciding between what PDO Thread lift is right for you, is a matter of preference and what your skin requires. Do you want a more subtle rejuvenation, or are you looking for a bigger change? It's up to you and what your skin specialist recommends.

Target Specific Parts of the Skin



Jaw line

Nasolabial folds



Marionette lines

Improve Your Jawline -

Reduce the fat from jawline using a PDO Thread lift treatment. It gives your jaw a nice lining and look. Go to a professional PDO practitioner only to ensure that you're given a nice and natural look.

Improve Your Cheek Area -

If cheeks have started to become saggy and no longer have that tightness. It might be time to get a PDO thread work done by meeting a aesthetic doctor. They can insert threads into the facial area above the nasolabial folds to overall tighten up your front cheek.

Improve Your Area Around Eye -

Eyes are often considered the windows to the soul, but the area around them might show signs of ageing. One can start noticing the wrinkles around their eyelids and eyebrows.

You can have a PDO Thread lift treatment to the temple area.

Improve Your Neck Area -
This wonderful procedure can eliminate the appearance of loose and sagging skin around the neck.

You can even go further with advanced thread treatments to deliver even more of a natural and rejuvenated look.

How Does it Rejuvenate Your Skin?

Your journey of getting a PDO Thread lift treatment begins in the clinics of aesthetic practitioners. They give you a simple consultation to understand what you're looking for and determine the areas that require treatment. Once you come to a mutual agreement on what type of PDO threads will be applied and other details are finalised.

Thus begins the medical journey.

The doctor who will conduct the procedure will start by marking where the threads will get inserted. The area is then injected with local anaesthesia to ensure no discomfort comes to the patient. PDO threads are inserted through a fine whole in your skin.

Once the procedure is completed, a gentle massage is given to ensure that your skin tissues are properly smoothened.

These threads get dissolved over a few months due to hydrolysis, but the lift stays intact. The organic substances help improve the skin and provide direct nutrition for rejuvenation.

Because of its less invasive features, the chances of any side effects are much less than surgical treatments.

Final Thoughts

Give your skin that natural lift ,glow and shine by getting PDO Thread lift Treatment. Getting a skin treatment used to be a scary ordeal, and many feared a strange facial structure. With PDO threads, however, there is nothing to fear as it's very subtle and organic. They are less-invasive, and you will forget that you even did a face lift. People around you, however, will remember your ageless beauty.

You can contact Dr. Ram Aesthetics for all kind of skin rejuvenation treatments. The team of Dr Ram Aesthetics is taking all the necessary precautionary measures for the safety of their clients.
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