How To Pose For The Perfect Picture
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Master The Art: How To Pose For The Perfect Picture

How to take a flattering photo.

picture perfect posing

In our world today, cameras are flashing non-stop. Flattering or not, many of these photos will end up all over social media.

Stop the panic from the notification saying you have been tagged in a photo. Stop avoiding the camera or hiding behind the lens. Here are nine tricks to ensure you look picture perfect in your next photo.

1. Angle your face.

A woman in a hat poses by slightly looking up

Unless you're Heidi Klum, the head on shot isn't a good idea. Your face will look chubbier than it is. Instead, angle your head slightly upward or downward, focusing on a point right above your eye level.

2. The hand on the hip pose.

A woman poses with her hand on her hip

This one isn't a secret. Angle yourself 45 degrees toward the camera to avoid straight on shot. Prop the arm closest to the camera on your hip. Nobody likes how their arms look flattened against their side.

3. Whether you're sitting or standing, cross your ankles.

Crossed ankles for a picture perfect pose

This little trick will instantly slim your hips and make your legs appear longer and leaner.

4. Understand the basic rule of proportions.

A group of teenagers pose for a picture

Whatever is closest to the camera will appear larger. What you angle backward will appear smaller. In group photos, being in the middle you will appear smaller than being on the end. All about proportions.

5. Smile with your teeth.

A woman has a great big smile

Unless you have perfected the mouth closed smile. (Or you're an Olsen twin). It's more natural. Chances are, if you don't you'll resemble the grinch.

6. Bend your joints.

A woman bends her elbows while posing for a picture

Wrists, ankles, elbows, knees. Bend it like Beckham baby. It's just more natural and natural is key.

7. Head first.

A woman smiles as she poses for a picture

This goes back to proportions. Lean your head forward so it is closer to the camera. Your whole body will appear slimmer.

8. Tight isn't right.

A woman in jeans and a hoodie casually poses for a photo in the street

When dressing yourself before photos, know what fits your body. If you wear something too loose, well you're going to look larger. But if you wear something too tight, the camera's flash will reveal every lump and pump.

Fake it 'til you make it.

A woman laughs while walking through a field of flowers

Even if you aren't a supermodel, act like you are. Confidence is key to the perfect photo.

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