How to play the uk49s game online?
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How to play the uk49s game online?

How to play the uk49s game online?

How to play the uk49s game online?

The teatime and lunchtime draws of uk49s game are set up for the individuals who love the excitement of playing the game online and results.

The teatime and lunchtime draw of uk49s game are set up for the individuals who love the excitement of playing the game online and results. The possibility to play the game was limited to the shops of bookmakers in the beginning. Fortunately, now it is possible to play it from the comfort of the home. The game draws a booster ball, also known as a bonus ball, as well as six main balls from 1 to 49. If you are not including a bonus or a booster ball, then you need to bet on one to five balls from one dollar stake. It is up to you to include a booster ball or not.

Necessary steps to play the game online

You have a chance to play the game online. But for this purpose, the necessary steps that you need to follow are given below:

Pick a virtual bookmaker

There are presently eight bookmakers that offer to bet on the uk49s game. Fortunately, all these bookmakers introduce welcome offers to their customers. The odds are not fixed as they can vary from one bookmaker to the other. All the companies should be fully regulated. So, you have to make a final decision about the company and go ahead with the registration process.

Deposit money

At this step, we assume that you are done with selecting the online bookmaker. Next, you have to start the registration process and deposit the amount.

Pick your own numbers

Have you decided what numbers should be picked? If yes, then you are ready to start the game. If you tend to use lucky Dip, Betfred selects the numbers for you automatically. So, it proves to be an alternative way.

Amount of Numbers to pick

In the uk49s game, it is easy to bet in numbers between one to five. If you want to win something big from the game, you need to pick more numbers. You can use a handy odds calculator for comparing the winnings. There are also some myths about the popular uk49s game system. These myths can also help in picking the numbers and making a decision about the number of numbers to bet on. The amount of balls you bet on doesn’t depend on how much you want to bet. The ball order of outcomes doesn’t affect your chances of winning. Let’s take an example of the balls selected by you. So, you select the balls as 3, 5, 15, and the uk49s game displays outcomes as 42, 3, 12, 15, 5, 26, 35. Your chances of winning will remain the same and will never be affected.

Bonus balls

Some people are confused about the inclusion of the booster ball. Adding a bonus ball is a good choice as it maximizes the chance that the numbers you selected will appear in the draw. For example, if you tend to bet on three balls without the inclusion of the booster ball, the three numbers should exactly match from the six main balls that will be drawn. On the other hand, if you include a booster ball, then the three numbers should match exactly from the seven drawn in which six are the main balls and the other one is the booster ball.

Selection of the draw

It is up to you to decide about the draw you want to bet on. You can either decide to bet on the teatime or lunchtime draw. Both offer the same format and odds. The Betfred allows you to bet on all the days in a week to four weeks in advance. You can bet on many draws in one go if you tend to bet on both teatime and lunchtime draws. It is extremely beneficial and good to give a golden chance to save your precious time for the next few weeks.

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