How To Perfect The "Dad Look"
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How To Perfect The "Dad Look"

A trend of the millennials.

How To Perfect The "Dad Look"

Most of us are familiar with the trending “dad look” that is spreading rapidly within our generation. College campuses are a breeding ground for aspiring dads, as men spend countless hours and dollars perfecting the dad brand. Here is what I have picked up to help you future partakers in this dad fad perfect the look. So, from a girl who takes everything a little too literally to an aspiring achiever, here is what I’ve gathered:

1. Some gelled back hairstyle or just let it all flow

Yup, long hair on dudes is coming back and it perfectly captures the essence of a dad who is too busy to care about his hair style. Sometimes, on a good day, a little gel helps clean up “the flow,” but for the most part, it’s the effortless portrayal that perfects the “dad look.”

2. Tucked in Collared Shirt

Tired of your shirt blowing up in the wind? Try the dad style. It is wind proof. You’ll never have to worry about showing your beer belly again.

3. Light Wash Jeans

We are winding the times back. Any pair of light wash jeans with a dark belt to hold your trousers up will do just fine. Nothing screams dad more than a guy rocking a pair of jeans that looks like they’ve been washed 150,000 times.

4. New Balance Tennis Shoes

Go and invest in these, because you don’t look like a dad without a pair of quality shoes like New Balances.

5. The Dad Bod

Point two brings us here. Yea, in order to completely rock the dad look, you’re gonna need the “Dad Bod.” I mean, who looks more like a dad here? Zac or Seth? A little extra tummy ain’t anything to worry about. If you’ve heard anything about Buddah and his big belly… well, it brings him luck, and to you, maybe the same.

6. Some Facial Hair

Continuing on with the physical characteristics, to show you have mastered the art of being a man and entrance into dad-hood or, in this case, pseudo dad-hood, you’re going to have to show off some hair. Let’s keep it strictly on the face though; no need to show off your one chest hair.

7. Kids

Whether they’re your own or you found them at the super market, you can’t look like a dad unless you’ve got some kids running around you. So, go and pick up a few if you really want to master this look. If not, well, you’re just a poser.

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