We’ve all been there. Everyone goes through a phase or is even currently still in it, where they think that they can’t get someone better, do something better, or better themselves. We sometimes don’t even realize that we have settled, or make any changes to get out of it because we think it’s too late.

All of the above are lies because there is never a bad time for a change. If you feel stuck, or if someone or something in your life is holding you back from future prosperities and happiness, cut them all out.

1. Stop using the word “but” so much in your vocabulary.

That “but” is an excuse for settling. If you catch yourself using “but” in similar phrases such as “I would take my dream job in a far- away city, BUT so and so is back here, or “I would go to the gym, BUT I have other things to do.”

2. Also, stop using the word “after” all the time.

You wait, and wait and say, “I’ll apply to that AFTER this summer, or “I’ll end things with him AFTER this weekend.” You wait around because you are scared to see what the outcome could possibly be. Do something NOW, instead of later.

3. Don’t blame it on the people you surround yourself with.

People do suck, and they could possibly impact your desired goals, but that isn’t an excuse. If anything, that should motivate you to do better. Do not let a certain someone or something be that roadblock to your achievements.

4. Your head is full of great ideas, so start showing action.

You talk about your plans, and they sound really good, so why don’t you also show us as well. Start doing...less thinking is the key.

5. Instead of talking sh*t about successful people, be a successful person.

I know isn’t Becky such a b*tch for getting that amazing job and following her dreams? Instead of putting all that energy towards jealousy, put it towards your goals instead.

6. Create self-drive.

In order to do all the above, this is the most important. Be your own motivator, personal trainer, and life coach.

It’s incredibly easy to settle for less, but it’s also possible to get out of that rut. Just push yourself, take that extra step, and you will be on the right path eventually.