How to meet russian women from Yekaterinburg

How to meet russian women from Yekaterinburg

How To Meet Russian Women


Any man who considers himself a macho will not read our advice.
But a bachelor who has firmly decided to part with a boring life and enter the search for a Russian wife from Yekaterinburg, these tips will help to make the right step in this direction.

It is important to evaluate and not miss the chance when a girl shows to you at least a drop of interest. Try to get acquainted with beautiful girls, read interest in their eyes. Your success will increase if you evaluate yourself correctly. Do not think that if you consider yourself attractive, then all the girls will be built in line for your phone number. So let's speak, how to find a Yekaterinburg lady.

Yekaterinburg lady

Tip # 1

If you start a conversation with a Russian girl, first correctly evaluate her reaction. As a rule, the guys throw a couple of phrases with the girl they like, counting on a positive response. Maybe you do not like the girl, but she still talks to you because she was brought up correctly. Maybe she will let you know that you simply do not have a chance. And maybe vice versa. Catch the moment!

Tip # 2
To get to the board number 1, you need to make several attempts to get acquainted. A young man sees an attractive girl, but she seems unaffordable to him. "Maybe she has a friend - she's beautiful. Or she will not talk to someone like me, "he thinks and makes no attempt to speak. Emotional fear of communication must be overcome. If you liked the Russian girl, come up and say something to start the conversation. Most are pleased to hear a compliment about their appearance, many will gladly talk about where a good restaurant is nearby. Communicate!

Tip # 3
Dating usually begins spontaneously. The approach to different girls can be different - because all have different characters. Develop for yourself three different methods of addressing Russian girls. Attach a friend to the development of the technique: go for a walk and talk with the beauties you like. So you will understand which style of communication is right for you. Experiment!

Tip # 4
Women like it when they are interested in an opinion on an event, perhaps, from the life of celebrities or about a rumor from the "national radio", and if you ask about fashion accessories to the wardrobe - you are guaranteed to succeed. This is one of the easiest ways to continue the conversation. Ask for an opinion!

Tip # 5
To please a Russian girl, you must always keep yourself in shape: watch out for the appearance, for your speech, do not allow in the conversation the words-parasites. Of course, much depends on your inner world. Your soul should make an attempt to unite with her soul, as soon as your eyes met. Improve constantly!

Some men, tired of scribbling hundreds of welcome messages, decide to come up with one thing: large, detailed and universal. So, at least they think. In fact, the text, devoid of individual treatment, is immediately visible and causes even less interest.
The advice is simple: decide which woman you are looking for, take the time to select suitable candidates, and write them at least one, but a living phrase. If necessary, repeat the procedure. As they say, look and you will find.

Of course, some of the recommendations are universal: you need to remain tactful on the web, and in real life it is worthwhile to monitor the literacy of speech. There are also two other trouble-free ways, working in any conditions: to joke with a joke and ask questions to the girl, thus demonstrating their interest.But still there are options and it is much easier when a girl does not mind getting acquainted, and for this she puts her portfolio on the site of the marriage agency.

What can be even easier? Never mind! You just go in, and look for a suitable girl from the city of Yekaterinburg. How it works? Everything is very easy! To begin with, you need to go through a simple registration, where you need to specify your personal data and other basic information.

Then fill out your profile (card) and look for the girl. If you followed these rules, then success is guaranteed to you to find the Yekaterinburg Russian girl!

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Once You Lose A Loved One To Drug Abuse, Everything Changes

My uncle was more than someone with a drug addiction, same as many others, that is why we must try to help instead of shaming others for their addictions.


Not once in my life did I ever think that I would be jealous of a funeral.

Honestly, I feel crazy even putting those words out for the world to read. Last night, I went to a funeral visitation for the father of a dear friend. He had an overwhelming turnout- you could tell that he was a beloved man to not only his family but to his community as well.

I lost my uncle a month ago. He was only a mere 57 years old, and it was anything but expected. He did not have cancer or any type of physical illness, and he did not get the luxury of going in his sleep.

He died of a drug overdose. Whether unintentional or intentional, we will never know.

There is something to be said about foreshadowed death. It comes with pain, as does any loss, but it gives a chance for closure- to say the things that we need to say and to express to that person how much they truly meant to us. I never imagined that I would be jealous of this type of closure.

Losing a loved one to a drug overdose causes the same type of regret as suicide; instant self-blame.

Your head is filled with thoughts of what you 'could have' or 'should have' done because the person's death was completely avoidable. I knew that my uncle suffered from depression and a drug problem, everyone in the family did. No one did anything, either out of ignorance or denial. I remember watching him leave family events- he was always the first to go. The first time that I realized my uncle had a problem I was a teenager. I remember thinking to myself how I should reach out to him, invite him out for coffee or a beer- but I never did. I was always too busy- something else was more important, or the twenty-minute drive was just too far. This was my excuses for over ten years. Honestly, I think the real reason I never reached out was that I was scared it would be awkward. I let this fear of awkwardness stand between me and a relationship. Now my head swirls at night how if I had reached out to him, I could have changed the outcome of this entire situation.

It was a Saturday morning when we were called to the hospital. He was lying hooked up to five different machines, including a ventilator. The room was trashed- the nursing staff hurried to clean it up as much as they could before we could see the blood stained gauze that littered the counters. The doctor came in and told us they did all that they could to save him, but it wasn't enough. We were advised to say our goodbyes. My grandmother kept whispering in my ear that he was still breathing because she could see his chest rising and falling. I couldn't bear to tell her that it was because of a machine breathing for him. This is what substance abuse looks like.

Drugs not only destroy the addict, but they destroy the family.

If you're apart of a family who has lost a loved one to drugs, know that you are not alone. Do not be ashamed to get the help you need; you're so much stronger than you think.

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TOP 10 microgaming slots


From the first years of its existence, Microgaming was positioned as a professional company, the future market leader. That is why in 1996, Microgaming became a member of the Interactive Gaming Council - (an organization dedicated to monitoring honesty and transparency in the field of online gambling).
In 2003, the company joined the founders of eCOGRA - a non-profit organization that provides all gambling providers with a single standard.
In 2004, production of games available on mobile devices starts (as of autumn 2017, the portfolio includes more than 350 games for smartphones, tablets and smart watches).
The quality of the software from Microgaming is recognized not only by gamblers and operators around the world (casinos equipped exclusively with Microgaming software is not uncommon), but also by the entire gaming community. Over 23 years of operation, the company received more than 50 different awards and even entered the Guinness Book of Records "for the biggest jackpot payout in a game on an online gaming machine" in the amount of 13,213,838.68 pounds.

What makes Microgaming different from the rest?

There is a very clear distinction between the classical and modern (released in 2014 and later) slots by the number of paylines. If the senior development of 10-25, then in modern - 243. This is a kind of "fashion", the requirement of the market, which the company has delicately felt and brought to life.Microgaming developments are "long cycle" slots. That is, the "non-winning" series can last long enough, but as soon as the gambler starts to win, the amount can be quite impressive.Volatility is higher than that of other developers. And that means that the chances of a serious win are higher.Top 10 best games from Microgaming
This collection combines the most famous, most popular among users, the most profitable games from the British developer. If you plan to expand the range of slots in your casino, then be sure to pay attention to the machines, which will be discussed below. Let's start!

10. Mega Moolah Isis

A solemn and slightly gloomy Egyptian motif as an audio accompaniment. The mighty Isis and the swift hawk instead of the standard bonus symbols. 5 reels, 25 winning lines. Simple, very concise design and no 3D effects. Why is this slot at all in the ranking of the best? This is a millionaires slot.
Literally. The first lucky winner received his winnings in the amount of 3.7 million euros in 2013, and since then the number of gamblers favored by Isis is only growing.
With not the highest return percentage (only 88%), this particular slot remains one of the most profitable due to the four jackpots available in the Wheel of Fortune bonus game.

9. Legend of Olympus

Luxurious 3D slot on ancient Greek mythology. 5 reels, 20 winning lines. The return percentage is 95.47%. Mini-rollers appear on the screen with every win.
Zeus and Hades are scatter and wild symbols respectively. Three gold coins activate a bonus game in which the user will have to cross the river of the dead with Charon and select one of three chests in the underworld of Hades. And in the case of winning free spins Zeus throws lightning to Hades! The player will not be bored for sure!

8. Big Bad Wolf

"Three little pigs for adults." Big Bad Wolf would be a regular slot with five reels and 25 pay lines, if not for a couple of features:
Piglets are transformed into "wild" characters after the second, fourth and sixth victories in a row.Three wolves (scatter in this game) give the player 10 free spins with the ability to earn additional spins during the game, as well as double the win.The drums do not rotate, but "fall from the sky."The wolf constantly "blows away" the winning combination (which gives a chance to extend the winning series).

7. Great Czar

A slot that Russian gamblers and users from abroad who appreciate "Russian exoticism" will surely enjoy. The crown of the Russian Empire as a scatter and bonus symbol, a coat of arms replacing wyld, jewels, Faberge eggs and images of the royal family. This game has it all. Attractive return percentage (94.95%) and, of course, a bonus game with the ability to choose the number of spins and the multiplication factor of the winning amount.
Plus adapted versions for mobile devices. God save the king!

6. Break da Bank Again

The slot perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a bank or stock exchange, where everyone is forever busy earning millions and do not even have a second of free time. The muted voices in the background, gold bars and precious stones, banknotes and checks as game symbols, make the atmosphere of the game special. Bonus symbols — safe and slot name — multiply your winnings by five. This machine has only 9 winning lines, but a 95.43% return is a figure above average. Yes, Break da Bank Again does not have a bonus game, but the free spins and the feeling that you are about to catch luck by the tail compensate for this with a vengeance!

5. Pistoleras

Hot Wild West .... Horses, weapons and, of course, beautiful women! That's what this slot is about. Two types of scatters (the cart starts free spins, and the money bag is a bonus game) and Wilde multiplying the win by three, appear on the playing field regularly and allow you to win time after time (which, of course, users like). 5 reels, 25 lines, 96.2% return, 100% fun!

4. The Finer Reels of Life

Chic and soothing. These two words are best suited to describe this slot. Cigars, gems, coffee, chocolate and wine as symbols of the playing field, relaxing lounge plays in the background, almost every spin brings a win. 243 paylines, 96.47% return, wilde multiplying win by two, golden star opening multi-level bonus game. Welcome to the world of luxury!

3. Hound Hotel

Dogs can also be aristocrats! The beautifully drawn Hound Hotel slot in the style of the beginning of the last century is proof of that! Despite the fact that there are only 25 winning lines in the machine, the return percentage is 96.13%, and the combinations drop out quite often, which makes the gambler spend even more time with the monitor. Of course, all owners of the most faithful four-legged pets and connoisseurs of cartoon aesthetics will like it. That only is worth a bonus round with the waiter-dog running around the hotel floors!

2. Immortal Romance

According to unofficial statistics, this particular mystical vampire slot is the most popular among players all over the world! And it is well deserved. This is not just a gaming machine, but a love story of a vampire and mortal. Multi-level bonus game not only allows you to get a solid win, but also to reveal the storyline of each of the characters. Heartfelt music makes the gaming experience more complete. Wild with the logo of the game doubles the win, and the scatter in the form of a lion's head gives access to the "room of spins" - the bonus game.

1. Playboy

The hottest slot deservedly occupies the first step in our ranking. 5 reels, 243 winning lines, 96.57% return, 4 sexy Playboy models (each of which is ready to present you with its bonus game) are all you need to get the most out of the game. The familiar "bunny" acts as a wild symbol, doubles the winnings, and the vintage Playboy numbers replace the scatter and open access to the Playboy club. Ideal for those who like it hot!

This was the top 10 Microgaming games. But what about the latest provider updates? Since Microgaming releases at least one game per month, players may not worry about the fact that they only have a choice of old, bored games, even though they are top-notch. Sometimes everyone needs a breath of fresh air, right?

So, since the beginning of 2018, Microgaming has released 6 slots:

Playboy gold

Deco diamonds

Lucky little gods

Dream date

Diamond empire

Temple tut

Also this company have make new casinos. About them we speak in the next article. Given this fact, we suggest you read about latest Microgaming casinos by clicking on this link.

Among these games there is a sequel to one of the top slots: Playboy Gold. This is just as much, or rather, a more attractive game for players, in which there are chic girls and seductive bonuses. This slot is ideal for those who like to play Microgaming's classic Playboy.

Other innovations also add variety to the provider's game portfolio. Deco Diamonds and Diamond Empire are cute variations of classic fruit slots, on which there will always be fans. Lucky Little Gods and Temple TUT are cartoon-style games that always enliven the gaming experience. Finally, Dream Date is a beautiful romantic slot that creates a completely different mood.
All Microgaming games are available on the SoftGamings platform for unified integration. You can also get games from other providers that interest you.

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