We became more connected and social media became the "place" we spend twenty-five percent of our time. Having that in mind, it's only logical that social networks are an amazing place for advertising and promoting. Besides being the biggest virtual community in the world, Facebook is one of the most sophisticated marketing tools ever created. If you have a product or service, or you want to market yourself as a brand you should start utilizing all the options social media advertising has to offer.

Digital marketing is a growing category so do your best and try to keep up with the latest trends in order to optimize your reach. The internet is filled with tutorial videos and people who are willing to share their knowledge on this topic so do your research and find some of the best marketers to follow on Instagram.

Now let's see what can you do to market yourself like a pro.

First, visuals. And by visuals, I don't only mean using a picture for your post. I'm talking about your visual identity. Your logo, colors, fonts and shapes you use as your visual presentation. Before you start marketing your product or service you should decide what colors you'll use, what font and what shapes will find a place on your visual identity.

You should make some form of a template and use it on each and every visual post you make. This way your audience will recognize your brand even before they read the content. This comes as a handy way for you because you don't have to think about the look of your next post and you create a strong sense of consistency and trust with your followers. Let's not forget that posts that include a picture of some other form of visual get much more engagement. So, visuals, visuals all the way!

Another important thing is an optimization. Different social media have different standards when it comes to creating a post. Different font number, different picture size etc. Do your research and make sure your post meets the standards of the social network you are creating it for.

Now headlines. We all know the power of the well-thought headline. It grabs our attention, creates curiosity and makes us want to know more. When writing your post, take the time and try to think of a headline that will be noticeable and interesting.

One great tip is to include a question into your headline. This way you will create much more engagement with your post. Also, it is really important not to be quiet on your posts, try to engage with your followers, comment and answer the questions. Also, don't be afraid to post multiple times. Recycle your post with different headlines and see what works best with your audience.

Primetime is also something you should pay attention to. Different social networks have different primetime, meaning the different time of the day when most of the users are online. There are some tools like Facebook Insights and FollowerWonk that can help you estimate the right time for different platforms.

Find the right advocates for your brand. Yes, I mean influencers. Time has shown that people lost their trust with influencers who have millions and millions of followers. It has become clear that they get paid to endorse the product and don't really know it or use it. So there is a new strategy for micro influencers. People who really love your product or service and will honestly advocate your brand. Contact them and make some sort of cooperation, pay them or compensate with the product or a great discount.

Last but not least. Pay to play. Most of the social networks offer the option of a paid ad. For only a few dozens of dollars, you can create an ad that will run around for a week and reach thousands or even millions of people. By carefully targeting your audience, you can make sure your ad is seen by the people you want to, your target demographic.

Just remember the time when you had to pay a newspaper ad or a TV commercial to promote your product. It was so expensive. Nowadays, all you need is a computer and your creative mind.

Now, follow the rules and go market yourself like a pro!