How To Make Your Sales Pitch Sound Professional

How To Make Your Sales Pitch Sound Professional

Many sales professionals are confused about the usage of technical terms in their sales pitch.

When are you asked which department plays an active role in your business? Within a fraction of a second, you will utter the phrase sales team. It is true because, without the efforts of this department, a business cannot generate revenue whether it is related to business to business data industry or any other. How often do you analyze what your sales team says while interacting with the prospects? This is important for maintaining cash inflow for your business.

What Happens In Reality?

You might have noticed that if you develop a habit of doing something, you will do it at any cost. You will not take note of time, place or situation. You will just do it.

Sales people also undergo similar psychological reactions. These professionals develop the habit of using sales jargons when they are inside boardrooms. However, the old habit dies hard. The effects of using sales jargons get reflected when they communicate with customers. What happens is that message gets delivered, but the importance is lost, as that is not understood by the prospect properly.

Does Using Technical Terms Make You Win the Race?

Many sales professionals are confused regarding the usage of technical terms in their sales pitch. Most of the time they make guesses regarding the outcome. A specific conclusion cannot be drawn. However, you have to note that a person who loves using complex words without knowing the exact meaning, always leads to distraction.

Here also you need to be careful. You need to careful while using trigger words. There are some words that can hurt sentiments or emotions of buyers. If the customer cannot control emotions, then you will be at a loss.

Words To Be Avoided While Delivering Sales Pitch:

  • Proud - Many sales professionals commit a mistake by using the word “proud” while delivering presentations or meeting with clients. "Proud" refers to one’s own achievement. People do not like the person who boasts of himself or herself. Instead, you can use the term “pleasure” or other suitable words.
  • Cheap- Many sales professionals use the word “cheap” in their sales pitch. This is a blunder, which they commit. When a person speaks this term, it means that he or she is not concern about the prestige of the company. It can also mean that your product or service is inferior in quality. Instead, use words like viable or economical.
  • Hope- When you use the word “hope”, it means that you are not confident of yourself.
  • Forbidden- Do not use this term while communicating with your clients.
  • Prospect
  • The term “prospect” sounds technical. This word should be used during meetings only. No person likes to be recognized as a prospect.
  • Competitor- Avoiding using the word “competitor” while conversing with clients. You can use the name of your competitor while delivering a sales pitch.
  • Otherwise- Avoid using this word as it demotivates your clients.
  • Other words that should be avoided are a challenge, maybe, turnkey, obviously and much more. Next time take care while delivering the sales pitch.

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    3 Ways to Create a Killer Influencer Pitch

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    There are thousands of influencers out there, be it on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. Then there are those who aspire to be influencers but don't know where to start or how to convince clients. The truth is that it's really not that hard to talk to brands and get sponsorships and free vacations. You just have to have a killer pitch.

    Let's look at the top three proven ways to create a killer influencer pitch.

    1. Get Visual

    If you're trying to convince a brand to work with you, it's not enough to just say "I take great photos." You have to have actual samples that reflect the same work you're offering to do for them.

    Make sure you have a great portfolio either on a website (for which you can use Wordpress or Squarespace).

    photo via Ig Mark

    If you really want to impress them, go for a custom whiteboard animation. Why? Because people are visual creatures. You can speak on the phone and explain how you'll help a hotel increase their Instagram followers but unless they see it in front of them with drawings and a visual explanation, they won't be convinced.

    Using an animation that explains your services is a next-level approach that will really set you apart from the competition.

    2. Have your numbers ready

    Any successful pitch includes numbers. Of course, you'll need a dash of charisma to go with them, you wouldn't want to send a dozen statistics with a dry explanation, but you have to have numbers.

    Show the client what you've successfully worked on before. For example, if you've advertised watches on Instagram with a special promo code, show in a neat table how many sales your code has gained over a period of time

    photo via Lukas

    You can do this nicely by using colorful charts and graphs from websites like Canva. There's a high degree of security and confidence that numbers will give you in your pitch.

    If you nail their presentation, you'll be golden.

    3. Talk about the outcome for the brand

    Ultimately, businesses care about what you can do for them . While you speak about your past accomplishments and sales you've made for other brands, incorporate an explanation of how this relates to the particular business in question.

    For example, if you say: "I sold 100 watches for Brand X," follow it up with: "Based on my expertise and your product, I project sales of 120 at least."

    Make sure that you show your interest in the brand/ product and demonstrate that you have their interest in mind.

    If you're looking for a free stay at a hotel, don't lead in with: "I'd love to stay at your beautiful hotel." Why? Because this statement sounds self-focused. The hotel will think that you only care about your vacation.

    photo via Julius Silver

    Instead, say: "I love your boutique concept and I think you've got great potential which can be translated into sales with the right social media exposure."

    Make the brand feel special, reinforce their idea. Show that you care about them.

    Take these three approaches and incorporate them into your pitch. If you get visual, show the numbers and demonstrate that you care about the business, you'll be a successful influencer.

    Cover Image Credit: Bruce Mars

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    JAG's President LaShad Jackson Is Gem Dropping Free Game For Inspiring Entrepreneurs

    Get to know the founder and president of this multifaceted company and learn about the successful outreach JAG creates within the community.

    What’s the role and responsibility of a private holdings company that serves the community through the solid mission to own, manage, partner and restructure businesses throughout the U.S?

    LaShad Jackson can bring the answers to your attention. He’s the founder and president of the Houston-based Jackson Administration Group (JAG). JAG provides services such as investment management, organization consulting, and mergers and acquisitions. Everybody should note that quality service comes in the form of commitment. Not just the intent, but the sheer act is key to creating and effectively running a business and LaShad Jackson knows how to deliver exactly that. There’s great importance placed on commitment.

    If you’ve ever envisioned yourself as your own boss one day, you’re not alone -- I’ve envisioned it for as far back as I can remember -- and maybe you can use some inspiration.

    You’ve got a man with an entrepreneurial spirit that builds upon his company’s outreach and influence each day. So, if you’d like to delve into the realm of entrepreneurship, today’s the day to act upon it by learning from the front-runner of JAG. I had a chance to ask him about his experience in being his own boss and he dropped some great gems.

    What inspired you to start the company?

    “I was inspired by a team of “who”, not a “what” per-say. I had a few mentors along the way of adulthood. A lot of the men and women that took the time out to groom me were respected professionals in their fields. Take those mentorships and mix them with a little bit of trial and error and you have yourself the makings of the entrepreneurial spirit inside of me.”

    What’s a typical workday like for you?

    “My typical work day starts off with the usual calendar check, followed by email responses. It’s important that I check my email and respond to everyone within 48 hours.”

    What are some of the pros and cons of running a business?

    “Running a business is definitely a challenge. Not only am I the President and Founder of The Jackson Administration Group, I’m also responsible for the commitments and investments that we’ve made to our clients and partners. One of the cons of running your own business is startup cost. These costs can easily intimidate anyone looking to work for themselves.

    I’ve been there before, and I let it kill my ambition for almost seven years. Fear sets in and you continuously overthink every action you make. I did this (overthinking) so much, it literally stopped my productivity in its track. With failure comes a lesson learned, and opportunities to grow.

    This brings me to the PROS of running your own business! Once you’ve refused to give up, and start to see the fruits of your labor, almost nothing feels better. The freedom you have to create, not only opportunities for yourself, but for others is the best feeling.”

    Inspiration can come in many forms. Inspiration can be fuel, if you decide to let it take on that function. You can actualize a dream, act upon that dream -- kudos if you can monetize what you love to do -- learn from experience, and continue building upon the ways in which you handle clients, carry on your day-to-day operations, creating an empire, always building and serving your community.

    LaShad does so currently through the following investment venture:

    “The Jackson Administration Group’s primary focus is on our flagship partnerships with Sirrah. Sirrah is an oral care company that’s shaping up to disrupt the market. The company was to debut almost a year ago, but unfortunately we had to rebuild due to Harvey.

    I can’t go into much specifics, but I can confirm the first formula to debut is a vegan based formula and fluoride free. This is exciting for us because we’ve worked hand and hand with devoted vegans to perfect the formula and taste. The objective is to build a strong foundation and great relationship with not only our partners, but the local communities.

    The team at Sirrah is dedicated to giving back creating that education and awareness around natural alternatives such as toothpaste and mouthwash. My expectation, and I’m sure I can speak for the rest of my colleagues, is to be a household name. I would really like to see Sirrah inside retailers across the world. And I’m sure it will be, starting right here in Houston, Texas.”

    Cover Image Credit: Tony Vale

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