How To Make Your Sales Pitch Sound Professional

How To Make Your Sales Pitch Sound Professional

Many sales professionals are confused about the usage of technical terms in their sales pitch.

When are you asked which department plays an active role in your business? Within a fraction of a second, you will utter the phrase sales team. It is true because, without the efforts of this department, a business cannot generate revenue whether it is related to business to business data industry or any other. How often do you analyze what your sales team says while interacting with the prospects? This is important for maintaining cash inflow for your business.

What Happens In Reality?

You might have noticed that if you develop a habit of doing something, you will do it at any cost. You will not take note of time, place or situation. You will just do it.

Sales people also undergo similar psychological reactions. These professionals develop the habit of using sales jargons when they are inside boardrooms. However, the old habit dies hard. The effects of using sales jargons get reflected when they communicate with customers. What happens is that message gets delivered, but the importance is lost, as that is not understood by the prospect properly.

Does Using Technical Terms Make You Win the Race?

Many sales professionals are confused regarding the usage of technical terms in their sales pitch. Most of the time they make guesses regarding the outcome. A specific conclusion cannot be drawn. However, you have to note that a person who loves using complex words without knowing the exact meaning, always leads to distraction.

Here also you need to be careful. You need to careful while using trigger words. There are some words that can hurt sentiments or emotions of buyers. If the customer cannot control emotions, then you will be at a loss.

Words To Be Avoided While Delivering Sales Pitch:

  • Proud - Many sales professionals commit a mistake by using the word “proud” while delivering presentations or meeting with clients. "Proud" refers to one’s own achievement. People do not like the person who boasts of himself or herself. Instead, you can use the term “pleasure” or other suitable words.
  • Cheap- Many sales professionals use the word “cheap” in their sales pitch. This is a blunder, which they commit. When a person speaks this term, it means that he or she is not concern about the prestige of the company. It can also mean that your product or service is inferior in quality. Instead, use words like viable or economical.
  • Hope- When you use the word “hope”, it means that you are not confident of yourself.
  • Forbidden- Do not use this term while communicating with your clients.
  • Prospect
  • The term “prospect” sounds technical. This word should be used during meetings only. No person likes to be recognized as a prospect.
  • Competitor- Avoiding using the word “competitor” while conversing with clients. You can use the name of your competitor while delivering a sales pitch.
  • Otherwise- Avoid using this word as it demotivates your clients.
  • Other words that should be avoided are a challenge, maybe, turnkey, obviously and much more. Next time take care while delivering the sales pitch.

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    Triple B’s Got a Plan…

    BWB "Big Water Brand" In The Works With Newfound Partnership

    There have been many success stories from the African American culture, ranging from entrepreneurship to partnerships all across the U.S and abroad. However, there still seems to be an overwhelming disliking between the rest of the world, and our newest phenomenon: “BBB” or “Big Baller Brand”.

    And for some strange reason, I just don’t get why everyone is so offensive over the brand anyway.

    At first, it was the shoes and clothing line that everyone considered to be “overpriced”, and now it’s the water. Recently, LaVar Ball; founder and CEO of Big Baller Brand have announced its partnership with a Lithuanian water company named “Birstonas Mineral Water”. This partnership will allow for Big Baller Brand to provide the mineral water to residents of the United States with the branding of BBB printed on the label.

    The simple fact that the partnership alone is bringing attention to the BBB brand is worthy of taking an investment in its products. Of course, there are people who despise this move, but my question is why?

    So many people are in opposition because of the prices? I remember when I was in my youth; Jordan’s were among the best-selling sneakers out there. There were people literally waiting in line and at times killing each other to “achieve greatness” in obtaining the Michael Jordan basketball shoes. People would line up in today’s time to obtain “Balmain” jeans for over $1,000 dollars. There is an actual sneaker con where people buy, sell, and trade used shoes at a value worth more than the original sale price.

    And yet… we are still upset at BBB conducting business as usual.

    LaVar Ball had a lot to say about the switch to sell water according to Here’s what he had to say about the partnership with the Lithuanian water company:

    “What player NBA advertises water? No one. Everybody in America is somehow too proud of water companies. There are energy drinks that are advertised, but nobody even thought about water. And here we come from the Atlantic with water. Lithuania has the best water in the world! Zero nitrates! What kind of water is more transparent?”

    According to ESPN sources, LaVar’s BBB Water will have a price point that is “on par with Perrier or San Pellegrino”.

    I praise LaVar for his effort to create his own brand. He is doing what other people dream of doing and accomplishing feats that most people see as extraordinary. People dislike the brand because we have developed this concept that only “foreign” brands or brands that celebrities wear are the only brand to invest in.

    People forget the struggle that the brands they currently wear had to go through before becoming great. Of course, the African American culture had to go through trial and tribulations as well, but at the same time we should support our black owned businesses more. This will influence the culture of buying. The African American culture holds the most spending power in the United States, and yet we are not prospering from our own businesses.

    So from me to LaVar Ball and the Big Baller Brand Company…

    I thank you for at least contributing to a revolution in African American entrepreneurship, buying and selling.

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