How to make massive transition on TikTok
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How to make massive transition on TikTok

TikTok video editor is all you need.

How to make massive transition on TikTok

At first, TikTok was perceived as an entertainment social network, but over time it evolved into something larger. TikTok is the most dynamic and modern among all developing social networks. With our new VJump app you can easily and quickly create a viral video and fill in other users' references. To set up the app follow the link - TikTok video editor Also, TikTok is an excellent platform for advertising with the help of product placement, because the viral roller can unobtrusively insert advertised products. But what is the most important highlight of any trendy video lately? Of course, these are crossings, which will be discussed in our article. If you know nothing about this — let's begin to explore new digital technology.

Variety of transitions

Every day in the sphere of innovation there are various novelties, the number of which is very difficult to follow. It is not possible for one person, but for a group of people who understand a niche — it is possible. Where can we find popular crossings for the TikTok?

  • Search new app VJump
  • Install it on your phone
  • Go through all types of transitions
  • Select one, which you like

People are working to make life easier, even in the subtleties of cutting videos. The transition to teak current attracted a lot of attention, as it is a tool for promotion and earnings in this social network. If you are serious about the development of the page, this app will help you achieve your goals by making for your quality and fashionable transitions such as quick reincarnation, waiting/reality, and transition with a chair. One of the most popular is dressing up:

  1. take video on the front camera
  2. after the start pull off your shirt, as if you want to rip it off yourself
  3. stop recording and change your clothes
  4. continue filming from the same position as you left off.

Implementation difficulties

This effect in videos is difficult to achieve because you need to learn to calculate the time of audio recording. The video is constantly stopped, and the track continues to play, so the Ticktoker turns off the melody for up to seconds. To overcome the difficulties, it is important to practice making cool transitions in TikTok constantly. Training creativity will help to think through the plot for the video, which will catch even fastidious users. The compositing in TikTok helps to make videos that attract and catch the audience. Switching to the video is a kind of effect, and its popularity is high on the platform. That's why you should understand that it is a job too and you need to practice every day.

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