As Oprah frequently tells us, "live your best life." And I can say from experience that striving to live your best life, realizing your worth it, taking time for yourself, and simply being yourself, have been incredibly beneficial. So, here's the cast of Bob's Burgers to help me illustrate this point.

1.) Tell yourself you’re awesome!

It’s the truth! Say it in the mirror everyday, love yourself for who you are.

2.) Treat yourself!

Whether it’s with chocolates or a bubble bath, treat yourself because you are worth it.

3.) Understand it’s okay to be sad.

It’s okay to be happy, sad, angry, or any feeling in between. Understand it’s okay to be true to your own emotions, because you’re allowed to feel however you want to feel, experiencing all your emotions is healthy.

4.) Hang out with friends

Surround yourself with people who support and care about you.

5.) Write down your thoughts/feelings

It’s easier to comprehend and process your thoughts and feelings when you write them down.

6.) Take a break from romance

Focus on what makes you happy, instead of what makes someone else happy. And then you'll stronger and more ready to date then ever.

7.) Work out

Working out makes you feel good, period.

8.) Focus on kicking ass in school and or work

Get that gold star!

9.) Spend time with your family

It’s amazing to be surrounded by unconditional love, and hanging out with your family, (or even just calling them, if you’re in college) will provide with the most wholesome love you can imagine.

10.) Dance

Dance like no one is watching!

11.) Find an outlet

Whether it’s writing, reading, knitting, coloring or gardening, find a way to both express and entertain yourself.

12.) Don’t put up with other people’s bullshit

Life is too short to pay any mind to haters.

13.) Spread Love

Spread kindness to those around you, it’ll make everyone, (including you), feel great!

14.) Focus on you!

Because self love is the most important kind of love.