How To Keep Up With The Velvet Trend In 2018

How To Keep Up With The Velvet Trend In 2018

You see velvet on the runway, but it's making it's way into your wardrobe.

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Velvet is trending for Winter 2017-18. You've seen it all over the runways, and now it's making it's way to your closet.

Velvet is a tough trend to pull off. You can wear it in a classy, sophisticated way, or you wear it as trendy and edgy. Through Forever 21, H&M, TopShop, and so on, you can easily find your velvet fix. Whether it's a skirt or dress (or so on), it can be the perfect touch to your trendy style.

Here are 5 places with the trendiest velvet garments.

1. Lulus

Velvet trend

Middle of the Night Navy Blue Velvet Off-the-Shoulder Dress - $59.00

2. American Eagle

Crushed Velvet Moto Jacket - $44.97

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 Velvet Trend

Velvet M-Slit Mini Skirt - NOW $8.00

4. Nordstrom

High Waist Crushed Velvet Leggings | Lyssé | $98.00

5. Zara

Velvet Top - $25.90

6. Express

Velvet Jumpsuit - NOW $44.00

7. Steve Madden

Trace - $79.95

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