Here are some easy ways to keep in touch with your long-distance BFF:

1. Email updates

Whether it's once a week or once a month, this is an easy way to send a quick update on your life. It only takes a few minutes, and before you know it they'll be well-informed on what has been going on in your life. This also makes it easier on the recipient because they then don't have to deal with the hassles of responding to all of your stories, when now they can simply respond with an update on their life.

2. Blogs

Similar to emails, but probably more frequent, create a website or page (even google docs), where at the end of each day/week/month, you write about what went on. This is similar to the emails, where the recipient doesn't necessarily have to respond and react to everything immediately, instead, they can simply read what went on in your life recently.

3. Start a Snapchat streak

While you and your best friend probably already have this, it's a great way to keep in touch. Snap a picture of whatever you may be doing, and within seconds your friend will be able to know what's going on in your life at that very second.

4. Make a slideshow

This takes a little more effort than the previous suggestions and is made more for when you are finally reconnecting with your BFF. Put together a slideshow of pictures and stories and go through them with your best friend, so you can fill each other in on all the crazy adventures you've had when apart.

5. Send care packages

It can be themed (I.e., finals, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.), or just because. Put together a box of snacks and goodies, and ship it to wherever they are for a sweet surprise!

6. Send a postcard

Yes, this is incredibly old fashioned. However, if you are somewhere very cool and different than normal, a postcard could be a great thing to send to your BFF to let them know a little bit of what life looks like for you.

7. Write "open when" letters

Yes, this is very old fashioned as well. However, you can write themed letters for specific occasions based on where your friend is (going). For example, if your friend is going to college you can write them letters for different milestones or events they'll encounter throughout the year, such as a letter to open during midterms, finals, Halloween, Thanksgiving, end of the first semester, etc.

8. Schedule calls

This one is harder to stick to, however, if you both have the same or similar schedules each week, you can find a time that works for both of you and call each other every day/week/month at that time.

9. Make reminders

If you know, they have a big event coming up in their life, put a reminder in your phone to text or call them the day of. Whether it's a good luck or congratulations message, it's an easy way to keep in touch and stay current in their lives.

10. Schedule a visit

While this might more difficult and expensive than the other options, if you find a time and a ticket, hop on a plane/train/bus and go give your BFF a hug in person!