How To Improve Your Mental Health, Based on Your Zodiac
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How To Improve Your Mental Health, Based on Your Zodiac

When we see that the stars shine a pathway to mental growth, there is more happiness that awaits.

How To Improve Your Mental Health, Based on Your Zodiac
Lexis Sunshine Coast

Is it any wonder why our personalities and emotions go hand-in-hand? Okay, maybe astrology might not necessarily be the answer. Zodiacs are more complex than your sun sign. Each person’s chart varies according to birth place, time, and year. But, I am saying that it is something to strongly consider. I even suggest getting a calculation and personalized description of your charts.

One thing undoubtable about zodiacs is that it does make us more self-aware in both our strengths and weaknesses. Even psychology and astrology interconnect in many areas. Happiness is an emotion that takes a lot of self-awareness, and this can even increase our social and emotional intelligence. When we see that the stars shine a pathway to mental growth, there is more happiness that awaits.

Aries (March 21-April 19): Accept that you can’t always have it all.

I know, Aries. It sucks. We all want to be winners, and that is something you’re pretty darn good at. Even though this is a fire sign characteristic, this especially applies to you. Every fire sign demonstrates a secondary element characteristic—Sagittarius being air, Leo being water, and Aries being earth. This means that you are one who thrives on control and consistency. You’re driven, hardworking, and talented in your endeavors. As a matter of fact, you tend to excel in multiple areas that you get really comfortable with the idea of winning—I mean, it’s hard not to when you tend to be successful in pretty much everything. This goes from school, career, leadership, sports, or anything you set your mind to. It can be as simple as a debate or confrontation. Truth is, you're not scared to show anyone out, and this puts you at a huge advantage.

Who can blame you though, Aries? It’s quite an admirable trait to have. However, no one in life is meant to have it all. Aries, you have to remember that winning isn’t worth losing yourself in the process. If you keep your eye on the prize, it leads you wandering from other little things that actually bring you more happiness. If you are a more reserved Aries, it may not be about winning as much as shaping whatever you do to be as close to perfect as possible. This is turn will stress you out, and this may make happiness more difficult to optimize.

Winning does mean success, and that definitely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep achieving more for yourself. All this means is that you are so hard working that sometimes you don’t mentally prepare yourself for failure—which failure is sometimes inevitable. You are one who prefers to stick within a certain comfort zone because it’s easier to remain the control you desire. You’ll find your mental health in a bad position at some point if you continue focusing on physical control over emotional control. You are emotional, but you tend to direct it outward to your success—and this is twice as intense than any other sign.

Keep on being a winner, Aries. Always remember that even the best fall and that you can’t control everything. When you invest your energy into a win that is more rewarding to you while keeping close to you what matters, you’ll find a lot more happiness.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Stop seeking physical happiness to cope with anything you deal with.

Taurus, you are on the top of the list of the zodiacs who enjoys physicality in all forms—to include loud music, shopping, Netflix, food, alcohol, intimacy, working out, etc. Though you do display the earth sign tendency to need control, comfort, and consistency, you are definitely the earth sign who is more fun-loving and easy going. When you have your head in the right place, you’re at least kind-of responsible when it comes to your daily tasks and are very hardworking. Meanwhile, you have a keen ability to balance your priorities with fun. On the other hand, a Taurus who is coping with anything is hard to identify. This is because you aren’t one to fully express your emotions, but this also comes from the fact that you just don’t want to or know how to deal with it.

In turn, you will indulge in whatever you physically enjoy to bring you more happiness. Sitting in bed and binge watching Netflix; going out way too much; spending way too much money; becoming extremely involved in intimacy; the list goes on. If you’re the more reserved Taurus, you tend to withdraw to yourself and do what may be fulfilling to you. Even then, you still likely attempt avoiding issues. When it comes to your happiness, you have one big issue—you tend to avoid things. I will give credit where it’s due—Taurus mostly keeps their school and work life in check. However, the biggest impact on your happiness is dismissing issues that aren’t resolved—therefore piling up on you and creating stress that you did not mentally prepare yourself for.

It isn’t to say that you’re non-confrontational—because we all know the Bull’s temper is not one any of us want to provoke. However, you aren’t one to handle complexity of any form very well. One of your most notable traits is simplicity—which is a great thing most of the time. Anyone who says being simple minded is a bad thing is wrong because your simple mind is what makes your way of thinking practical and mostly realistic. This is until you are confronted with an issue that is complex in nature to where you have no idea what to say or do. Some people overthink or deeply think into issue, and sometimes you will—depending on the variations of your charts. Mostly, you say “screw it” and move on. However, this is unhealthy for you.

You tend to convince yourself it’ll all be okay because you are a sign that focuses on physicality. You feel like it’ll be fine because it appears that way. However, this can lead to prolonged anxiety without you realizing it because you never dealt with the source of the issue. Sometimes we all need physical outlets for our emotions and to bring temporary relief, so no judgements, Taurus. However, start dealing with your issues on the front end, take accountability for yourself, and learn how to be a little more openminded. You will be much happier with your life.

Gemini (May 21-June 20): Slow down and make time to fix your problems.

Gemini, you are really difficult to understand, and I hate that it gives you a bad rep that you don’t even deserve. People assume the twins symbolize “two-faced”, but this is more accurately portraying how you are a person of both strong physicality and emotion. People see you as inconsistent and aloof; however, this is actually that you are highly in tune with your inner self. Much like most Libras, most Geminis shift back and forth between their outgoing and reserved sides—although one side is usually your default. The outgoing side of Gemini is sociable, independent, carefree, and chances are you are one hell of a time to be around. Your carefree nature can sometimes land you in situations that you didn’t anticipate—nor have the desire to deal with. It is likely you are flirtatious and quite friendly, and people often misjudge your intentions—which are usually harmless. You tend to go with the flow and take on anything that is intriguing to you at that moment. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are too risky or reckless. On the other hand, the reserved side of Gemini is more introverted, cautious, and highly analytical. When people witness both sides, they are unsure of what to think about you.

This can cause problems if not effectively dealt with, Gemini. It is likely that you have experienced issues with people misperceiving you; however, your inner touch reassures you of the truth. In turn, you don’t deal with the issue and continue doing your own thing. While this is a great trait in other situations, you need to slow down and consider the issue at hand. Sometimes you become consumed in your thoughts; therefore, you may unintentionally create an issue that you still avoid after the fact. You are more intellectually inclined over emotional, so it is understandable why you do this. Normality is overrated for you, Gemini. What people feel doesn’t compare to what you perceive. However, you forget that there are many around you who are more emotional and misconstrue your words or actions. There’s even times that you simply tell them what they want to hear—just so you don’t have to deal with it. You likely believe you don’t owe anyone an explanation, but they can figure you out for themselves.

You cannot continue the mindset of “problems will fix themselves”. I get it—you aren’t one who likes problems, and you don’t intentionally create them. Meanwhile, you likely think that others have the issue they must deal with. Doing this, you will disrupt your mental well-being and relationships with those you care about when you let unresolved issues pile up. Don’t let what I mentioned above misguide you—you are one who is more emotional than others think. You may have a problem feeling distanced from others, but in reality you are doing it to yourself. While you may attempt convincing yourself that no problem exists or that it will go away, it still bothers you when others have a problem or when you lose someone. It will do you wonders if you used your bright intellect to fix the issues accordingly—which is one of your major strengths. Your happiness is logical, so you must use your social and emotional intelligence to deal with your issues. Slow down a little bit, Gemini.

Cancer (June 21-July 22): Surround yourself with positive people.

This is a piece of advice I'd give any sign, but it especially applies to you, Cancer. A Cancer who is at their best mental state is the type of person we each need in our lives. You are kind, cheerful, and gentle natured. Typically, you are one who not only enjoys fun, but also hopes to lift the spirits of others through your humor—which is an underrated yet very notable characteristic of yours. You’re a water sign—thus meaning you’re more emotionally inclined. A reserved can seem standoffish or shy, but in reality they just refrain from expressing their emotions. This isn’t because you’re not emotionally expressive, but instead that you aren’t one who wants to impose your feelings onto anyone else. You have a natural tendency to relate yourself to others and your ability to empathize makes someone like you a safehaven for many—especially those you love. Most Cancers are very trustworthy, loyal, and dedicated; therefore, you find it that many confide in you for advice, favors, or anything of that sort. Oddly enough, this is what makes you tick. Much like Leo, you love to feel needed and appreciated. Your goal in life is to change the world—not for yourself, but for those around you. However, you aren’t one who cares about recognition as much as you do knowing that you contributed to a greater good.

People see this in you, Cancer. It brings both good and bad—which is exactly why who you surround yourself with is imperative to your mental well-being. Emotionally intuitive, you sense and absorb emotions around you. When you are surrounded with negativity, you have a hard time walking away because you have this emotional obligation to be there for people—especially if you care about them. Without even realizing it, it is possible that the emotional stress you allow when taking others’ emotions in takes a toll on you. Chances are, they are well-aware of your kindness and selflessness; therefore, they deprive you of it to satisfy their own needs. Misery loves company, and surrounding yourself with negative people will only put a damper on you. You'll eventually normalize their negativity and mentally adjust yourself to it; therefore, you'll likely feel as if you aren't enough or that you are spreading yourself thin.

You need to surround yourself with positive people. People with a better outlook on life will understand that you also have emotional needs and will not over-demand anything from you. As a matter of fact, positive people will show you the same gratitude and compassion that you unapologetically give others, and this is exactly what you need in your life. You need people who appreciate you rather than take you for granted. You need people who are willing to take the time to understand you, and negative people are way too consumed in their own misery to provide you that. You deserve to be happy and have people who treat you as great as you treat them.

Leo (July 23-August 22): Stop taking everything so personal and realize it isn’t necessarily about you.

Leo, we get it—you’re a big ball of sunshine. As the sun is your ruling planet, you have this flair about you that attracts so many to you. Among all signs, Leos are the most vivacious, sociable, friendly, and generous. Since you’re charming and kind, you get your way a lot because it is common that people respect you—which comes naturally for you. On the negative side, people assume that Leos are very self-centered and egotistic, but in reality they’re just so kind and giving that they hope others will return the favors that they unquestionably will provide to others.

Then, your disappointment can come off as being pretentious or that you have standards others can’t meet—which can push some people away if you aren’t careful. Unfortunately, those are rarely ever your intentions, but they easily get misconstrued. You are one who is very reliable, but you become highly frustrated and disappointed when you feel as if you aren’t being reciprocated what you’re giving. This can include respect, favors, and social likability. Usually you don’t have a problem getting these things, but when there’s those select few who have a problem with you or any of your efforts? Yeah, you tend to take it very personally rather than looking at the situation for what it is. Sometimes Leo, the conclusion others make on an issue may have absolutely nothing to do with you. You have a tendency to make things about yourself—not in a selfish way, but much like Virgo you blame yourself a lot.

People also mistake your confidence for arrogance at times, but this is because you are very sure of yourself. This is a great thing until someone challenges you and somehow succeeds. Much like Aries, Leos are strong-minded and are good at winning because of it. While Aries stresses themselves out to win and avoid failure, you get discouraged—though you try to not show it since your ego can’t afford that. Leo, you secondarily relate to water—as Aries relates to earth and Sagittarius relates to air. This means that you have an overwhelmingly big heart and that you are emotionally driven. Therefore, when things don’t go your way or the time comes where someone says ‘no’ and doesn’t give what you want, you dwell on it. Now, this doesn’t mean Leo is a little brat in every little situation they are confronted with. Leos can take no for an answer, and one trait people overlook with you is that you can be fairly open-minded and are a great listener. On the other hand, you can’t help it when you take it personal because you’re actually sensitive—despite this tough exterior you put on for everyone.

To become happier, you must learn the best times, places, and people to invest your energy into. You’re a mass of energy—much like the sun. You get too caught up in making others happy and getting that recognition from it that sometimes you forget it isn’t necessary. You can be considered a lot to handle, so this prolonged feeling of not being “good enough” can stir issues in your mental health. A healthy ego helps the Leo thrive. Therefore, you must be careful about who you let damage it. Some people and things aren’t worth your kindness or generosity. Sometimes, it’s okay to step back and save yourself the stress. More importantly, realize that you are stressing yourself out and that some problems aren't your problem whether it seems that way or not.

Virgo (August 23-September 22): Stop overthinking everything.

Ahhhh, Virgo—the over-thinker. You’re programmed to be analytical and structured. You have an unusual way of being organized, but somehow this organization that you physically possess does not extend to how you organize your thoughts. In turn, people overlook the fact that you do have it together; you’re just slightly scatter-brained at times. Having an overactive mind can be a great thing when it comes to your leadership, daily tasks, and relationships because this allows you to maneuver around any obstacles and think critically for a better and more practical solution. Much how Taurus secondarily relates to fire and Capricorn relates to air, you relate to water—which means underneath the jumble of thoughts is a sensitive, caring, and loving Virgo who wants the best for others.

Sometimes, Virgo, you’re a little too selfless. You’re reliable and one who will be there for anyone’s beckoning call. If people mistreat you or if something out of your control happens, you tend to blame yourself before anyone else— it’s not you who’s the problem; it’s your overthinking. When you build friendships and relationships, you can be hesitant to show your emotions since your overthinking leads to anxiety that makes you question everything about everyone. You’re not a skeptic necessarily, but your big heart is something you hold dear to you. It is what either makes or breaks your confidence. When your mind goes into overthinking mode, then you dissect yourself and your plethora of thoughts. When it comes to confronting an issue, you become consumed in your own thoughts to where anything external almost doesn’t matter. When you convince yourself of something, you convince yourself hard.

To optimize your happiness, you must convince yourself that your anxieties and assumptions are merely from overthinking. Reassure yourself of your own capabilities and use that mental energy for productivity. When you have obvious results from your own actions, this will help you notice when you’re overthinking. Overthinking is dangerous, Virgo—quit torturing yourself with it.

Libra (September 23-October 22): Stop telling yourself “you’re fine” when you’re really not.

Out of all the zodiacs, Libra is the one who probably has better control of their emotions. You’re the scales for a reason, and that is because you have excellent balance between your logic and emotions. On one side, we see a side of you that is sociable, fun, and easygoing. On another side, we see a more reserved, laid back, and slightly moody side. While most signs have people lean more to one side or another, it’s more common to see a Libra shift back and forth between the two. Your sign is known to be mediators and peace seekers; however, you have a problem demonstrating this logic when assessing your own happiness. While your fellow air signs literally run from confrontation, you instead confront your issues by convincing yourself it isn’t as bad as it seems. Your logic kicks in, and you make thoughts like, “It could be worse.” For some Libras, it’s pure laziness and unwillingness to deal with it—especially if you don’t personally think it’s an issue worth putting your energy into. Your scales can balance everyone else's problems, but somehow your own become much more difficult to weigh.

In addition, you find solace in the idea that things always get better and change. While this is a great mindset to have, you still forget that you aren’t effectively dealing with the issues to begin with—only worsening what is on your plate. You may be known for your balance, Libra, but you are not exempt from the issues that life throws our way. It is quite admiring that you aren’t usually one to throw your own pity party, but it still isn’t mentally healthy for you to avoid the issue at hand. Libras usually don’t mind speaking what is on their mind, but they also pick and choose their battles wisely. When you get complacent in achieving balance rather than seeing that there are issues that hold more weight and shouldn't be dismissed. It can lead to depression, anxiety, or other issues. Libra, if you have a lot of weight on your shoulders or are unhappy, it is completely okay to make it about you. You believe in fairness, and it's pretty fair to demand what you deserve.

Stop telling yourself “you’re fine” or “it’s fine” when it’s really not. Sometimes, other people can be the peacekeeper that you are to them. Don't be afraid to ask for help or find someone to talk to. If you want to achieve optimal happiness, you have to directly deal with the weight—because otherwise, it will only stay and build up. You have feelings too, Libra. Stop telling yourself “you’re fine” when you’re really not.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Better understand if your "gut" feelings are your anxieties or intuition.

Scorpio, you can sometimes get a bad rep for being “crazy”, but that mostly stems from an unusual mix of passion and emotional intensity. Of all zodiacs, you are probably the most intuitive. You likely know the “gut” feeling all too well because you have learned that on multiple occasions it was right. With that being said, you have this sixth sense almost that many don’t understand. Since it maybe was off on one occasion or another, you often question this “gut” feeling and if it is your anxiety or strong intuition ringing. Yes, Scorpio, you tend to struggle at times with understanding and distinguishing the two. Much how Cancer can secondarily relate to the element of fire and Pisces to air, you relate to earth. Your anxieties stem from your emotional nature and the need for control. On the other hand, you are also highly observant and analytical. When the mixing of each come into play, we then have a Scorpio who is misunderstood.

On one side, this can make Scorpios controlling and slightly domineering. It isn’t necessarily in your nature to be in charge, but your anxieties and intuition come into conflict when confronted with a complex situation—especially when you can’t identify if your anxieties are rising from your intuition. In those cases, you do everything in your power to control the situation—even if it means disregarding what anyone else says. Yes, both sides of Scorpio can be quite stubborn. On the more reserved side, you may be passive aggressive or petty because you don’t know how to display your thoughts and emotions without people misconstruing your intentions. Even in minor situations, you wonder if it is worth confronting or rolling off your back.

This can make you somewhat negative and unpleasant if you don’t manage it. This will bother you deeply, and you may choose to veer from the situation instead of directly confronting it. Scorpios are usually confrontational if necessary, but the more reserved side does not do well in confrontation. Eventually, letting your feelings build up can cause you to resent— making your pettiness come out, even if you may not mean for it to. This is because you have that emotion built up yet have not found a healthy outlet for it; therefore, you do little things not to hurt anyone, but in hopes that they can read your emotions.

You must find a better way to express your emotions, Scorpio. Bottling them up and acting on them in a petty manner can drive others away, and it doesn’t do your situation any justice. Your strong intuition and mix of anxieties may misrepresent situations; meanwhile, your need for control can be effectively utilized if you balance your anxieties and intuition. Your intuition is a powerful maneuvering tool for your daily life, and using it properly can help you avoid situations that cause you extra stress—or in prolonged circumstances, this can include depression. Once you master that, you will see that you have a unique ability that you should embrace. Intuition is awareness, and awareness is key in optimizing your mental health.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Care a little more about what people think.

Sagittarius—the hybrid fire and air sign that is a dynamic combination. A lot of the advice I gave Gemini can also apply to you, but the distinction between Gemini and Sagittarius is that you are stubborn. Gemini can’t slow down, but you intentionally don’t even care what others think because you have the intellect and reasoning to back up what you believe in—well, most of the time. On one side, Sagittarius is fun-loving, sociable, and humorous. This carefree and spontaneous side of you can land you in sticky and risky social situations. Your fire rules your fun side, so it’s likely that you are impulsive and to go as hard as possible. Like Gemini, this can leave you as one subjected to misconceptions and rumors of your behavior when most of your intentions are harmless. On the more reserved side, you are more likely to display the intellectual side that is driven, well-spoken, and informed; however, this side is where the stubbornness becomes more of an issue. Even more, this side may be the one who misconceives someone else. Since you aren’t directing your fire outwards, you direct it inwards—making you strongly stand on a set of beliefs. While it is undoubtable that you have strong emotion and passion, you also display this aloof and flighty air sign quality that fuels your intellect on both sides.

While your intellect is stronger than most of the zodiacs, it is also your downfall. People mistake you as arrogant at times, but you have every right to be—you’re mostly informed on what you believe in. When it comes to tedious rules and instructions, you are likely the one to take shortcuts because logically you understand it isn’t necessary. When it comes to social normality—who freakin’ cares? You are also one to embrace individuality, Sagittarius. “Take it or leave it” best fits you. It is admirable how strong minded you are, but your lack of care at times may not settle well with others—especially if they feel you are stepping on their toes or defiant to any rules. Hey, you have every right to be who you are and believe what you do.

However, you may find others distance themselves or criticize you—which don’t even lie, it bothers you deep down. Your exterior will show someone who will continually be who you are, but your well-being may be disturbed because your stubbornness blinds you from why people are critical. Sometimes, you find yourself ignoring constructive criticism, then low key taking offense to other criticism when in reality you sometimes ignore what can actually benefit you in the long run. Because of this, it worsens any tensions you are experiencing. In turn, this can cause mental health issues that you also try denying exist—like depression or severe anxiety. Sagittarius, it will do you more good to care about what others say than to ignore it.

As you mature, you may find yourself getting better at thinking objectively and considering the opinions of others. Sagittarius isn’t notable for their leadership; however, you find yourself becoming more inspirational and powerful when you begin understanding and caring about others’ thoughts. Simply care a little bit, Sag. Stay true to yourself and keep a little bit of that rebel-at-heart in you. Don’t be critical of other people’s criticism; use your strong intellect to think critically about yourself and change what is necessary. You’ll find your mental health in a much better state once you master this.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Allow others to help you and make time for those you care about.

If only we were all as hard working and independent as you, Capricorn. You tend to be known for being emotionless and cold, but I definitely think that is an overplayed interpretation. The more outgoing side of your sign is actually quite upbeat, reliable, and friendly. You are practical and simple minded—and much like Taurus, that can be a great thing. The more reserved side can exhibit more introverted characteristics, but mostly all Capricorns are extremely driven in what they do. This is exactly why your sign can possibly be considered the least emotionally inclined sign—though you do have emotions, you just don’t have the time or energy to surface them. You are logical and analytic; therefore, you assess your happiness through your own achievements. In addition, you are usually conservative in mostly all approaches of yours—therefore making it difficult for people to fully understand you or read your emotions. You have a rock hard exterior, Capricorn, and this mentality makes you overlook mental health issues that you may not even be aware of.

Since you are less emotionally driven, working and creating materialistic success is how you deal with your issues—which is very productive and effective in a sense of your physical life. This trait in itself is valuable and one you shouldn’t change; however, you must realize there is more to the world than your success. It is understandable that you just need comfort, consistency, and control—and this is obtained through materialistic success. Your logic is realistic, but you distance yourself from those you care about and possible social opportunities that can benefit both your mental health and future goals. When you’re out being social and having fun, it is likely your own reward for a hard working day or week. You aren’t concerned so much with the socialization aspect. It is great to have an outlet for your stress, but many get the notion that you aren’t personal with many. That’s ok—that’s just your nature. However, building social connections is just as important as your work.

As the independent person you are, you deal with your issues alone. Not only do you like minimizing your personal business, but also you don’t think it’s anyone else’s place to fix it but yours. You have a strong sense of accountability, and this trait is highly admirable. On the other hand, Capricorn, don’t be afraid to ask for help or make time for other people. Even when some offer help, you tend to reject it—not because you don’t appreciate them, but you would rather not include anyone in your own issues. You stress yourself out with not only work, but also in personal issues you are confronted with. In turn, your mental health may experience issues such as anxiety and depression—which you naturally attempt to suppress. After all, what are feelings? It deeply bothers you when someone you care about has an issue with you, yet you have a natural tendency to invest that energy into something that matters. In this case, you end up never resolving an issue that just stores in the back of your mind.

The phrase “nobody needs nobody” applies to you. Without even realizing it, your perfectionist desire to get what you need done and have control of your situation shifts your focus from those you care about. You’re not as emotionally expressive, Capricorn, but other people are. It’s okay to let people, or even some fun time, ease some of your stress. When you let others help, you are then giving opportunities to rebuild relationships with others; meanwhile, more free time does the same thing. Try getting more emotionally involved instead of making everything success-centered. Capricorns tend to get better about this as they mature; however, it is so important for your mental health that you take time for yourself and loved ones.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Quit making promises that you can’t keep—both to other people and yourself.

Don’t you hate it when people are disappointed with you, but you completely understand why? Aquarius, you know that you have a problem with not keeping promises—to yourself and others. You’re carefree, easygoing, open minded, and friendly. Though introverted by nature, you are still sociable and your peers mostly like you. You’re different, and some people just can’t get enough of it. On the more reserved side, you may be observant, distant, and more laid back. Aquarius, you are considerably an optimistic sign who pushes forward in everything that they do. You’re a natural born leader and an inspiration with your daringness to be different. You’re a walking contradiction that is quite simple once understood. As the water bearer, you are also a people pleaser and want others to be as happy as you. It isn’t to say that you can’t say “no”, but…. Yeah, you have a problem saying no sometimes.

As Gemini’s secondary element can relate to fire and Libra to water, you relate to the element of earth. You are grounded, practical, and analytical. You are one of the problem solvers of the zodiac, and you are one who believes in consistency and control. Ironically, your air and earth qualities conflict with one another when your carefree approach is not able to provide that control. When people ask of things from you, you try to be as reliable as possible. While you typically are, this is challenged when multiple people ask of the same thing. The water bearer yourself, you feel obligated to make it happen in one form or another. On the other hand, you don’t take in account that you can’t please everyone. You find yourself making promises to other people that you can’t uphold. This can be as simple as Friday night plans, or as big as an event you were required to attend. When you experience high stress because the promises you want to keep are becoming unrealistic, your fight or flight instincts kick in—and you dip the hell out. Both outgoing and reserved Aquarians are very non-confrontational; therefore, you avoid the issue—much like your fellow air and earth signs. You had pure and harmless intentions, but those who don’t understand you will see it as you being unreliable and “shady”.

Over time, this can cause issues to your overall health. Aquarius, you are an intellectual sign who has an overactive mind. While your aloofness may convince you that the issues are gradually disappearing, they stay trapped in your subconscious—which messes with you. You may develop anxiety because you don’t know how to effectively deal with an issue that you likely created—and much of this anxiety stems from guilt. To deal with this, you attempt making promises to yourself—you’ll start saying ‘no’ more, you’ll be more up front with other, you’ll show more emotion, etc. This is where a lack of self-awareness comes into play. Aquarius, it is not in your nature to bend to other people’s will—it is to help them. You must balance your needs with your desires to be of assistance to others. You are too carefree and mentally stimulated to attend to multiple people’s needs at once. Don’t feel ashamed, and don’t feel selfish.

Aquarius, start keeping your promises or learn not to make them. Understand that is what rubs people the wrong way—they understand you’re different and all over the place. A little bit of straightforwardness and less promise making will help you deal with issues—therefore improving your mental health.

Pisces (February 19-March 20): Stop comparing yourself to others and achieve your dreams confidently.

Any dream is achievable—it’s a matter of how you go about achieving it. Pisces, you are much like your fellow water signs—emotional, intuitive, and caring. Amongst all zodiacs, your creativity is endless and admirable. It’s typically to see people of your signs as the artists, musicians, or anything with an artistic flair. In addition, it’s common to see this sign as athletes as they have an appreciation for the human body and its beauty. On the more outgoing side, you’re likely bubbly, kind, and sociable when in the right social situation. It’s hard not to like a Pisces—especially when you exhibit more kindness than usual. On the more reserved side, you are more intuitive and introverted. Your shyness can be misread at times as moodiness, but in reality you are more focused on observing the environment and vibes around you. However, both sides of Pisces have a lot of potential—and unfortunately a lack of confidence in your abilities is an obstacle that most people of your sign face.

Pisces, you have way more to offer this world than you give yourself credit for. It sounds overplayed that Pisces aren’t confident—when there are indeed many confident and talented Pisces. However, your issue is that you are constantly comparing yourself to others and seeking validation from unrealistic expectations. You have an issue with dwelling on failure or unexpected circumstances. You compare your failure to other peoples’ success, and this leads to discouragement. Some Pisces are more obvious about it and are considered “whiny”, but many are very good at hiding this—as Pisces are the masters of hiding how they truly feel. You do this as a defense mechanism to protect your emotions because underneath the surface you are pretty sensitive. While your sign is more prone to having unique abilities, your introverted nature can get intimidated by those who are less subtle and more intense. After all, people like that have more of a chance getting noticed and receiving opportunities. However, Pisces, your talent and abilities speak louder than any other sign—and that is something you need to capitalize on.

Be more confident. Use the gift that the stars gave you—your intuition. Your overthinking and negative outlook when you are unhappy weakens your intuition. Understand that failure is inevitable; meanwhile, understand that you may have to work on distinguishing your anxieties from your intuition—much like Scorpio. Stop comparing yourself and relying on unrealistic expectations. Achieving your dream career and lifestyle is your ultimate goal, but you must be in a healthy mental state to do so. Stay more in tune with yourself and be confident in your abilities. A confident Pisces is one to be reckoned with.

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