How to Hide Your Email Address from Data Collectors Using Temp Mail?
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How to Hide Your Email Address from Data Collectors Using Temp Mail?


How to Hide Your Email Address from Data Collectors Using Temp Mail?


It is very challenging to look for websites that don’t demand to register first for availing any kind of information. Entering personal information from third-party sources is a common practice. Despite the data privacy policy of these websites, the data breach incidents jeopardize your email information integrity. It can’t protect your primary inbox from messing up with spam content.

Luckily, it is now possible by employing a disposable email address. In this blog, what I am up to is which ways you can use a throwaway email.

Hide Your Email Address from Data Collectors

Thanks to advanced technology! The temp fake email providers have made it harder for marketing organizations to access your email addresses. Let me discuss some fields that find burner emails quite beneficial;

1.Ultimate Solution for E-Book Lovers

For electronic book fans, using a disposable email address is the ultimate solution. Downloading ebooks from websites that demand adding a primary email is not only annoying but time-consuming also. Use Temp email services to instantly install the desired book on your devices. These types of emails keep your regular emails hidden from data collectors roving around the Internet. Just a click of the mouse and here you go to create a new temp mailbox.

2.Social Networking Platforms

Using temporary email accounts for online social services, including Instagram and Facebook is common these days. Several reasons are there for using temp emails. Among all the reasons, data security is the most important one. In case you use your personal email account to log in, there may be chances of data hacking. Secure your primary inbox from data dumps and spam messages via a temporary address service. These email addresses expire after a certain time automatically.

3.Joining Discussion Groups

When there is a need to chat with random people and join online bulletin boards, disposable emails come into service. There could be some websites that share your confidential details with others. What you may face later is very challenging to deal with. It does not matter for what purpose you join chat groups; a trash email helps throw away any sort of pop-up content. It helps you stay anonymous all the time, making it harder for data collectors to access your device.

4.Avoid Phishing Attacks Using File Hosting Services

Phishing attacks are mostly sent via websites, chats, emails, or web ads convincing the user to give up his private information. If you make use of the file hosting service, the chances to receive promotional emails are higher. That is the reason temp-mail is a leading solution to staying safe using these online services. There would be an easy deletion of that account later.

5.Create A Temporary Account for Quick Surveys

Online surveys are a greater means to earn money. Adding your regular email account for that purpose is a risky task. Availing service of temp fake email providers, you can create a separate disposable account each time. There is an instant discard option after successfully employing it.

Simple Steps to Follow

No matter what you are up to using temp mail services, get rid of data collectors accessing your personal info. The steps to generate a temporary email account are simple;

  • In the free version, simply visit the website, and you would see an already-created email account there.
  • Copy that burner email address; use it to access any third-party source with ease.
  • However, to get advanced features such as generating accounts with desired domain names, first buy subscriptions. Enjoy!

Final Thoughts!

Data collectors could be of any type. They may be phishing, quid pro quo, and baiting. Protecting private data is of utmost concern here. Whatever field you are having business in, using a Temporary Email App of a proficient service provider like is worth it.

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