Any of you guys out there wondering how to successfully turn your girl on to sports?  If you are, then you are in luck!  My goal of today is to help you  understand what needs to be done in order for your girlfriend to give in to watching sports, learn about sports, and eventually even enjoy sports!  Oh, and if your girlfriend is already someone who loves sports and enjoys watching and talking about them with you, then hold on to her my friend.  She’s a keeper!

As in any successful relationship, thoughtful gestures are extremely necessary when it comes to getting your girl interested in something that is very important to you.  You must show her that you are willing to do things that she is interested in.  For example, if your girlfriend loves to go shoe shopping, then accept her invitation to go to the mall with her and offer to browse the shoe section because you know that she enjoys that.  I know it may sound silly at first, but these small gestures really show a girl that you care about making her happy.   Sometimes a small step like this really pushes a girl to give back to you and try something that you are interested in as well. 

Secondly, offer to go to a restaurant that your girlfriend likes for dinner and drinks.  Add in that there is a game playing at dinner time that you would like to watch and that it would be fun to go have dinner with her while watching that game.  She will appreciate the fact that you are including her in something that you are interested in while also meeting her needs and taking in to consideration one of her favorite places to eat. 

Another important step to turning your girlfriend on to sports is to offer to actually TEACH her the rules of the game!  While this may sound pretty obvious, some girls don’t know a lot about certain sports.  I was never a big football fan until my boyfriend actually took the time to explain to me what the heck was going on.  Now I can watch football all day every Sunday.  If your girlfriend doesn’t know anything about football, then have her watch a game with you and explain what a first-down is and how many yards must be gained to get one.  A girl will never want to watch football with you if she doesn’t even know what is going on! 

Lastly, when your girlfriend finally caves and starts watching and learning about the sports that you love, take the time to tell her how much you appreciate it!  We like to be told that you notice our efforts and that you appreciate them.  You don’t need to do anything spectacular to thank us.  Simply take a minute to say thank you. 

Continue on with this cycle.  Do something nice for her and I guarantee she will do something nice for you in return.  And if she does not respond to your gesture by also doing something for you, then maybe it is time to find someone who will!