Spring semester is tough, and the end of it is even tougher. Summer break is just lingering in your mind and nothing else seems to matter anymore. You have made it this far though, so keep on keeping on and you will soon have the sun shining on your face instead of your laptop screen light.

Give Yourself Incentives

Tell yourself you can continue to watch That 70’s Show after you finish writing that paper or finishing that math equation. This might give you a little bit of motivation in order to help you get your sh*t done.

Set Small Goals For Each Day

Write down what you need to finish starting from most important to least important. This is a way to help balance what is most relevant to it really doesn’t matter if it’s not done today.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

A cup of liquid cocaine a day makes everything OK. Drink that coffee with an extra espresso shot or three and you will have the energy to succeed.

Leave Yourself Inspirational Post-It’s

Put some cute little quotes on post-it notes and leave them in places such as your mirror, or places that you know will look at a lot.

Smile Even If Stressed

We are all in the same boat as you, maybe some more stressed than others though. Even if you have 4 tests that day and an 80-page reading to do, SMILE. It is proven that when you smile it automatically makes you in a better mood.

Set Aside Free Time

Self-care is making sure you have at least a few hours in the day to take a breather and relax for a tad bit. Read a book or your Twitter feed to get away from school work for a while.

Make A Good Playlist

It doesn’t matter if you have Spotify (which is better) or iTunes, make a good playlist that you can listen to while studying and is an instant mood booster. This will make your studying 10 times better than with just dead silence.

Think Of How It Will Be Worth It

All of this work SUCKS, but in the end, it will all be worth it I promise. It may not seem like that right now with the overwhelming stress, never having a resting heart rate, and getting 3 hours of sleep a night, but it will be.

Basically, you just need to chill, and try your best to finish out this spring semester strong. 4 weeks might seem like a long time but it will fly by, and summer is waiting on you too.