How to Get "Linked In" to the Professional World
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How to Get "Linked In" to the Professional World

How to Get "Linked In" to the Professional World

If you are someone who is looking to have a career after graduation, whether from high school or college, Linkedin is a excellent way to connect with professionals in your field. Linkedin is a business based social network site that allows you to set up a competent profile that shows your experiences, interests, and goals.

It's nice to chat with friends and family on social media, but why not have something that will improve your chances in getting your dream job? Since employers look at your social media accounts and Google search you, why not have something professional for them to find instead of selfies and tweets about parties?

Linkedin is like a professional Facebook. The people/company's you follow post news articles, job openings, connection possibilities, professional tips, and many more helpful posts. It's important to plan ahead and think of your future once you graduate high school. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, 65.9 percent of high school students enroll in college their senior year. Once you graduate and enter another school, looking into a media base that can help your future goals is a smart move to make. Make Linkedin your number one choice.

If you choose to go to college to start your new educational path to your career, you want to keep tabs on what you're participating in. Examples are clubs, organizations, Greek life, jobs, sports teams, volunteer groups, the whole nine yards. Establishing these points on your profile page will help people see if you are capable of working in groups/as a team. Participating in any campus activity can prove to be very beneficial in the future, so don't be scared to join organizations!

There are several advantages you will receive if you have a LinkedIn account.

Perks of a Linkedin account:

  • get to know the people or company you're interested in (and vice versa).
  • get connected with other people like you (interested in the same things/field).
  • opportunities come to you instead of you scavenging all the websites and newspapers you can get your hands on.
  • it's like an online resume that you can access at any time.
  • no game requests! Don't you get sick of those?
  • The only notifications you will receive is if someone starts to follow you, you get a message, if someone looks at your profile, and your/your followers activity.

Setting up your account is fairly easy, you just have to put time aside to do it. Adding your education, work experience, skills, and organizations can take some time to set on your profile. Providing as much detail as possible is key for employers and followers to understand who you are, get a grasp of what you can do, and portray your experiences. Make sure you complete the entire profile; if you leave out certain information, it can prevent you from meeting requirements or qualifications for you to get a job or internship.

You want to join the groups that are relevant to what your want to do. Staying up to date with your account could provide you with job opportunities and critical business relationships. The more people you follow and connect with, the greater the opportunity you will have to get in touch with the right employers.

If you have a Linkedin account, employers will most likely discover you quicker and could possibly offer you a position you're interested in that you didn't even know was available. An important note to make here is that you don't need to be a college student to make a Linkedin account! It doesn't matter the age. If you are willing to put forth the effort into creating an account to better your career, then go for it!

Everyone is online nowadays, either tweeting, posting, pinning, or instagramming. Everyone wants connections or to be connected with, even you. You want connections all over the internet, so why not make the connections with people who can get your foot in the door and make your dream a reality?

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