How To Get Back On Track When You Can't Seem To Find Your Rhythm
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How To Get Back On Track When You Can't Seem To Find Your Rhythm

The bottom line, though, is that you need to allow yourself to completely invest your mind in something other than what is affecting you emotionally, and it needs to be good for your brain and productivity.

How To Get Back On Track When You Can't Seem To Find Your Rhythm

For us college students, we've completed the most anticipated adjustment that rolls around every year: getting back to school. Especially if you go to school far from home like I do, this adjustment period is hard and comes with its own set of challenges. Returning to all your friends and being able to see them every single day after months of being apart is by far the best feeling. However, it is important to address the difficult parts of reacclimating to this change, because it does affect many people in some form or another.

Personally, the last four months have been filled with highs and lows. I've suffered a severe injury that I am still recovering from. I have to consider my injury in every single thing that I do and it affects every decision I make. This also affected many other parts of my life both negatively and positively. It strongly impacted my relationships with others and caused me to redesign how I live my physical life. At first, this was really limiting. I couldn't walk for weeks and eventually sitting became a huge problem. But now, it has made me so much healthier. Going to the gym for an hour every day is as necessary to me as showering at this point. I never knew how much I could love working out until I began to see it as necessary for me to stay healthy and not relapse in my injury. It also has done wonders for my mental clarity.

More on the topic, I came back to school with goals for my personal life that I wanted to achieve. In many of these goals, I have been successful. However, the saying "you win some, you lose some" definitely holds true here. There have been other parts of returning to school that have halted my personal growth and have felt like some sort of set back. This definitely gave me a rocky feeling regarding my transition back to school in certain ways.

Luckily for me, I truly have no patience for this type of feeling. Do set backs in life happen to everyone, including me, all of the time? Absolutely. But am I going to try my best to look these scenarios straight in the face and overcome them? Yes.

It is really easy to let emotions overcome you, whether they are good or bad. But, it is so important to recognize when emotions are just emotions and learn how to harness those and act in productive, beneficial ways. This is certainly hard to do without having tools and habits to turn to when faced with these issues. Let's explore some options.

Like I said before, working out has changed my life. My scenario, though, is slightly unrelatable considering my admiration for exercise stems from a fear of being where I was three months ago. However, I cannot stress this enough-- endorphins are real. Feeling like a new person when walking out of the gym, even if its just for 20 minutes, is real. I recently began running, and I don't want to sound cliché, but I feel so free when I'm running. Running is hard and sometimes not the best feeling on your body. But, it's a great way to compare physical feelings and discomfort to emotional ones, and helps the mind compartmentalize and differentiate each one.

Another big one for me is writing. Shocker, I know. But seriously, sometimes I'll be happy, angry, sad, whatever it is, but it will be extreme enough that acting on any of these feelings would not be smart. That's when I will hand write letters, random thoughts, or journals and get it all out of my system on paper. Later, I will come back and read what I wrote. With a clearer mind and having taken a step back for a few hours or days, I can then look over what I wrote and decide what is rational and what is not. I can almost guarantee you that whatever had you worked up in any which way before writing will not be of the same magnitude when you come back to it. You will be so much clearer and calmer.

There are so many other options that I've tried and that have worked like drawing or listening to music or taking a walk. The bottom line, though, is that you need to allow yourself to completely invest your mind in something other than what is affecting you emotionally, and it needs to be good for your brain and productivity. This will allow you to really put in perspective what is occurring in your life and will help you figure out the best way to go about it, as well as get you back on track.

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