We often relate liberation to freedom, which constitutes an unfortunate correlation. Liberation describes the freedom from captivity or physical restraint. Contrarily, not having liberation would define a physical restriction. Think of this as an individual in prison, who has no liberation. The focus of my writing is to remove the comparison that most individuals place on liberation and freedom. The goal is to define, at a basic standing, how to find freedom and propel toward its entirety. Unearthing the true form of freedom yields the purest mold of success and happiness.

Freedom, an omnisciently restrictive concept, withholds great power. Once found, it allows us to reach fulfillment and proceed to achieve our goals relentlessly. The first step towards achieving freedom is to unleash our minds' power. Sadly, we live in a world that wishes our minds to stay locked down, buried miles behind useless clouds of overwhelming information. Elites of society today place captivity on all of us, wishing us to never break out of the bubble that they contain us in. Society has cultivated a system in which the goal is to bind us down. We are left to become a robot of the system, shutting off all possibilities of exploring the plethora of life.

Being able to free the mind is how we can find ourselves breaking outside of the clouds blockading our vision. Creativity, exploration, and learning find themselves improving our ability to find freedom. It is hard to find at first, but the second we begin finding the light in the labyrinth of clouds, they begin dissolving at an exponential rate. The more we break the bindings placed upon us by society, the more that we can explore.

Connections in and of themselves hold a fundamental truth to all of us, spurring the activation of our mind and truly setting ourselves free. A key to exploration in the world entails connecting with everyone surrounding us. Cultures, communities, people, and everything in between help us connect with life. When we remove ourselves from being a member of the "walking dead," or being a societal robot machine, it allows us to connect with our own lives and search into the deepest parts of the living world. But to be wholly free, we must also find humbleness, roots, and every so often reside in auras of seclusion to hold a discussion within ourselves. The balance between a connection with others and self manifests true freedom.

Once complacency is crushed, our minds surge towards illuminating realms. This starts with deferring our fear and pushing it aside. Relentlessly challenging ourselves to acquiesce to discomfort will help achieve such means. If we find ourselves in a comfortable state of life, it is time to embark further on journeys to push boundaries. Only when we step outside the bubble that society imposes upon us are we able to fully experience freedom.

In the simplest form, freedom is the ability to do and think as we please, to affirm responsibility. As James Baldwin explains eloquently, "Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be." To be disobedient with normality allows freedom of life. Remove restrictions imposed upon yourself, and achieve what you want to. Embrace your journey of self-discovery.