How to Find the Best Fertility Clinic
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How to Find the Best Fertility Clinic

Finding the best fertility clinic is not an easy task. First of all, you have to know everything about the clinic, services, doctors, location and much more.

How to Find the Best Fertility Clinic

However, you can search on the internet about the best fertility clinic. But, it is better to confirm all details by visiting a clinic. If you are looking for the best fertility clinic then follow these simple tips:

1. Experience of Doctors/Specialists/Physician

Before going to treatment, make sure that IVF treatment cost & doctors should be well experienced. For this, here are some points which you should discuss at the clinic:

  • From how many years doctors/specialists are providing services in this field?
  • Are they perfect fertility specialists or not?
  • You must ask the history of the specialists at the clinic. It will help you to understand more things about the doctors.

2. Services provided at the clinic

There are many fertility centres available in India. Some of them are small while some of them are large. So, it is required to make sure:

  • The latest equipment should be available at the clinic to cure the problem perfectly. In an emergency, there should not be a lack of any equipment at that time.
  • Cleanliness, pure air and a pleasant environment of the office should be well maintained for the patient.
  • Necessary tests and ultrasound should be done on a timely basis to monitor the health condition of the patient.
  • The patient may have different problems and necessary machine or equipment should be available to diagnose every problem. If the clinic is not able to provide this facility then it may be not the best fertility clinic.

3. Treatments

Many fertility centres do not cure all problems. Due to a lack of experienced doctors or equipment, some clinics are unable to diagnose all problems. In this regard, remember some tips:

  • Firstly, you should discuss all things about your problems with the doctors. Which type of treatment you want or which type of problem you have?
  • If treatment is available according to your problem then you should proceed ahead for further questions. Such as cost, time, success rate etc.
  • On the other hand, if treatment is not available then switch to another best fertility centre.

4. Availability of Embryology lab

If you are want to cure infertility then make sure that the clinic should have an embryology lab. It is so essential in the treatment of infertility because:

  • Embryology lab is essential to the fertilisation of sperm and egg or embryo.
  • After taking the embryo from the uterus, it transfers to the embryology lab for further process.
  • Frozen egg or embryo also sent to embryology lab so that couple can use or donate in future.

5. Cost of the treatment

Well, the cost may be varying from clinic to clinic. Every clinic has its terms and conditions. It charges according to the services provided to the patient, duration of the treatment and type of the treatment. Here are some tips for your assistance:

  • Make sure that the clinic can take cost through health insurance. If you have health insurance then it may maintain your budget.
  • Are additional tests or ultrasounds included in the overall cost or not?
  • If the cost of the treatment is not in your budget then visit another fertility centre. You will get the best price at the best clinic along with A-one services.

6. The success rate of the fertility centre

Last but not least, the success rate of the clinic should be higher for best treatment because:

  • If the success rate is low, it means customers are not satisfied with the treatment.
  • On the other hand, a higher success rate shows the complete satisfaction of the customer.
  • However, you can find the best fertility centre on the internet according to the higher success rate. It will help you to find out best clinic for your treatment!


Through the above points, you can easily find out the best fertility centre. For curing infertility, IVF has a higher success rate compared to other methods. You can get the best fertility specialists at the IVF clinic in Bangalore. There are many fertility hospitals are available in India for curing infertility. Even, best infertility doctors in Bangalore are also available for your assistance.

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