Growing up is a hard thing. We all have experienced some sort or challenge while growing up. It can be either big or small, but we learn how to get through it, and come out a little different, and more shaped into the person we are meant to be.

Ask yourself, what does strength mean to you? When people talk about strength, there can be a million ways to describe it. It’s “courageous, beautiful, bold, emotional…” and the list goes on. But it doesn’t really matter what the definition is, it’s really how you make it.

Strength is solely a choice, not something we take for granted. You need to decide to have the strength to get out bed every morning. You need to decide if you have the strength to apply for that job or study an extra hour to get an A on a test. Strength is what gets you through the day, and the motivation to help you achieve. Strength helps you dare to be different.

Stepping out of a comfort zone is a challenge for anyone. Sadly, most people don’t have enough strength to step outside and try to make a change. Though they might have the strength to do something, but may not have enough strength to face the fear of failure.

I encourage you, no matter who you are, who you are talking to, or whatever situation you can be in. Words, actions, maybe even gestures toward someone to give them the strength to do something, to heal from something, and to create something. Words can mean the world to someone who is having a hard time on finding their strength.

I know in my past there have been times where even a simple sentence or response to a question I have asked has given me the strength to do something, and maybe it wasn’t that person’s intention, but they inspired you. However, your strength needs to be found in you, and no one else is to blame for that.