How to File for Divorce Online
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How to File for Divorce Online

A few years ago, there were those who had no idea that it would be easy for them to file divorce papers online in the not so distant future. Nevertheless, times change and, nowadays, it is hard to surprise someone with the fact that the majority can dissolve their marriage from home. And this is mainly due to the advancements that have been made in the technology world recently.

How to File for Divorce Online

Nowadays, the government doesn't provide against married couples striving to end their marital relations on the Net; moreover, it encourages them to do so: an increasing number of states launch e-filing. Even though not all states have introduced the necessary amendments into their judicial systems yet, numerous service providers, which deliver their services via the Net, help couples benefit from tech advancements in all states.

Before starting the process, it is recommended to find out whether or not your local judiciary allows residents to file divorce online via its official site. If it doesn't, you still can access the required forms and get them through the platform. As soon as the set of docs is prepared, you can submit it to a court in person or by email. In many states, no one will ask you to come to a court-house again. Take note that you are supposed to be up to several requirements to benefit from e-filing, though.

Filing for Divorce Online: Can You Benefit from It?

If you get on board with any of the said below, then you can settle your matter through the Web beyond a shadow of a doubt:

  • You and your "almost" ex are on the same wavelength and thus can nail down a decision without any third-party. Your partner is not going to contest anything, and you two settle on all the matters regarding childcare, separation of belongings, division of debt, etc.
  • You and your "almost" ex struggle to find common ground but still don't lose your hearts to come to understanding. Hence, you decide to hire a mediator, who will help your couple to resolve all conflicts in the long run. (Hiring a mediator is much cheaper than obtaining services from a lawyer, indeed!)

If all the attempts to clear the air got nowhere, then you have nothing left to do but to seek legal support and abandon the idea of doing everything on your own through the Net.

How to File for Divorce Online

If you still lot upon online divorce filing, then continue reading. You can choose one of two possible ways: for this reason, you can either use your local courthouse's site or obtain services from a relevant service provider. Below, we will discuss these two options in detail:

Visiting Your Local Court's Site

Far not all states promote what is known as e-filing, which enables couples to start their divorce process through their portals. However, if you are lucky enough to live in one of those states that do, then be ready to pay for the obtained services. In truth, turning to this type of websites is a perfect way to go; however, in over ninety percent of states, residents are not enabled to file a divorce online and thus are bound to deal with much red tape involved with the process.


  • It doesn't take up much time and allows preparing a complete packet in one place;
  • It is a relatively cheap option.


  • It doesn't give any help regarding your particular situation. No one will point out any mistakes you have made in your paperwork which, however, can cost you a lot especially when you have many unsolved issues;
  • It is not as easy to use as many other non-governmental websites that sell this sort of services.

Obtaining Services from an Internet Company

If your state is among those who haven't launched e-filing yet, then you still have all the chances to benefit from advanced technologies. On the Net, many websites would help you with all your documents. Even though they will not file for you simply because they are not entitled to do so, they will check if all your forms are free of any errors.

An increasing number of petitioners tend to use this sort of websites because they are user-friendly, require a few hours instead of a few days that you would normally need to learn which forms to download from a court's web resource and how to prepare them as is right and proper.

How Do These Websites Work?

All the websites work similarly. They require their clients to create their profiles, answer a few questions, and wait until their documentation is complete. The forms will be filled out automatically following the given answers. Afterward, one can download his or her docs and then file them at a court.

How Much Do They Charge?

You can land a platform selling its services for about $160 or just as well you can obtain services from a company that will charge you more than $2000. The price range is wide after all. This is mainly because different providers offer different numbers of services. Let us say, while some will only prepare docs for you, others will provide legal backing, explain how to file for divorce without a lawyer, serve your docs, etc. Choosing the right service provider depends on your life stance, needs, and dollar value.


  • Allows preparing the docs within hours;
  • Reviews your docs for errors;
  • Provides additional tools;
  • Delivers instructions so that you can file for divorce online with no trouble.


  • So many are eager to sell their services at a high price; however, very few of them are trustworthy ones;
  • There are lots of fake customer reviews that can lead you up the garden.

How a Trustworthy Website Should Look Like

Before creating an account with one online company or another, ascertain yourself that it fulfills the following requirements:

1. It provides at least phone support

Lots of online companies don't help their clients with their paperwork over the phone. Most of them will provide email support but, for many, it is more convenient to make a phone call rather than send an email. See to it that the company you are going to go with is open to holding conversations by telephone.

2. Ensures that all the forms comply with the statutory requirements

If the selected site provides no guarantees to ensure that your packet is correct and it will be accepted by a court-house with no doubt, then you should better look for a more responsible provider.

3. It is touted as a conscientious service provider

To find out what kind of reputation one site or another has, it is enough to surf the Net for a while. For you, this may seem like a no-brainer but it is crucial to take this step; otherwise, you are likely to be nicely left in the long run.

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