How To Enjoy Fall Without Being Basic

How To Enjoy Fall Without Being Basic

The Basic Fall Girl won't stop talking about fall, so here's how to enjoy it just like she does!

Autumn is finally here after a long, hot, sweaty summer, and we fall-lovers couldn't be more grateful. But, with the return of fall also comes the return of the Basic Fall Girl, the BFG. You'll know who she is immediately because she is, "like, literally in love with fall." With her pumpkin spice latte and her desire to go to pumpkin patches, she's almost impossible to avoid.

Instead of trying to avoid the BFG, learn how to enjoy her favorite fall things, without becoming basic yourself. If you can't beat them, join them, just don't Instagram the whole thing. Here are seven ways to enjoy fall, like the BFG does.

1. Pumpkin Spice everything.

Pumpkins are the typical fall vegetable and most associated with the season, so companies have managed to turn pumpkin spice into any item you want. There's pumpkin spice cookies, donuts, candles, lattes, cakes, ice creams, and even condoms.

We have to give credit for those that indulge in pumpkin spice everything because, after a while, it can get a bit nauseating. The BFG was the first one in line when Starbucks started selling the Pumpkin Spice Latte for the season, and she will remind you every time she gets one that she's having one.

2. Cozy Fall looks.

Autumn fashion is truly the best fashion. The BFG will tell you how much she loves fall because she can wear a big comfy sweater with leggings and boots, and it's "just so cute and cozy, right?" We're going to side with her on this one.

There's something wonderful about a nice cozy, warm sweater during a chilly fall day. It's the best time of year to wear those warm earth tones and get all bundled up. Be on the lookout for the endless #OOTD posts on Instagram of the BFG and her favorite fall fashion looks.

3. Pumpkin patches.

As cute and cool as pumpkin patches may seem, they're really not all that. In reality, it's a mini marketplace for people to pick out a pumpkin either for pie making or carving. Somehow, every BFG has found a pumpkin patch and deemed it "totally Instagram-worthy."

If you decide to stop by and grab yourself a pumpkin, you can bet there's a group of BFGshaving a photoshoot among the pumpkins. If you decide to go to the pumpkin patch, get ready to awkwardly shuffle around the photoshoot to grab a pumpkin that's been sat on. But, make sure to take pics of any dogs you might find having their own photoshoot in the pumpkin patch! That's a must!

4. Bonfires.

Some people only experience bonfires around this time of year, which is quite sad. The BFG will post numerous Snapchats of her at a bonfire with friends, with the obvious "Bonfire!" caption. Bonfires may be more enjoyable around this time because of the weather, but don't let that fool you- they can be enjoyed any time of year.

Put on a thick jacket and drop the tailgate for a nice night under the stars with friends. Just don't let people know it's your first time at a bonfire.

5. Flannels.

What used to be a cute, edgy clothing piece is now the BFG's go-to statement piece. Flannels are supposed to provide warmth while working at a lumber mill (shout out to all the Lumber Jacks who started this trend), but the BFG tries to incorporate flannel into every outfit.

She'll most likely be wearing it around her waist. If you choose to wear a flannel, pair it up with a denim jacket or some tan leather. Don't be basic.

6. "Friendsgiving."

Ah, another one of the BFG's favorite fall festivity. The Friendsgiving is an excuse to get all your friends together to eat poorly made turkey and green bean casserole (because let's face it, Jennifer cannot cook at all) and Instagram it for the less fortunate people that only have time and money for one Thanksgiving.

If Friendsgiving is your time to spend with true friends, and truly enjoy each other's company, then put a little extra effort into the occasion. Buy the decorative paper plates and light way too many candles. Show your friends how thankful you are for their company.

7. Watch classic Halloween movies.

Alright, this might just be everyone's favorite fall activity. The BFG won't stop tweeting about how badly she wants to lay in bed with someone, wearing fuzzy socks and drinking a PSL, watching scary movies all day. Don't succumb to that. You don't have to be basic to enjoy this, as long as you don't tweet, Instagram, or Snapchat the whole occasion. If you're going to watch Halloween movies, grab a few friends or your significant other, and pick the comfiest spot on the couch for an afternoon full of classics. It isn't a significant event, so it doesn't need to be documented.

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Valentine's Day is Stupid, and I'll Stand By That

I am not going to pay more attention to heart-shaped lollipops than I am my assignments

Sure, it might be fun to give or receive presents or eat lots of half-priced candy the day after, or do something big and grand to show someone you care. That’s not why this day is stupid.

February 14th is just a date for me. I don’t believe that we need a day to celebrate our loved ones when we should just be doing that every day.

I don’t believe I should be any more excited for Valentines’ Day than I am any other Wednesday, because I have classes to attend, things to do, and assignments to complete.

I have more going on this semester than I imagined I would, I’m overwhelmed, and I’m not going to be able to give anything the attention it deserves if I am more focused on finding heart-shaped lollipops and a cute outfit than I am about keeping my meteorology grade up.

I don’t have a significant other this Valentines’ Day, and I’m sure this article comes off super bitter and the classic “Well, she’d like Valentines’ Day if she had a boyfriend or girlfriend.”

Still no. I had an amazing Valentines’ last year. My boyfriend brought me food at my dorm, despite me being sick, and we watched movies and cuddled and had a very sweet evening together.

Even so, he was home by 9, because I still had work to do and he had a job to get to early the next morning. We had priorities that we put ahead of a long, complicated night of romance. We decided to celebrate when it worked for both of us, not because it was the so-called “Day of Love” that everyone else was celebrating on.

And I gave him whatever illness I had, so there was that unhappy fact (and I told him I was sick, so don’t think I’m crazy for letting him come over).

I don’t want to criticize people who are out celebrating AT ALL. I can appreciate all the cute things people do for each other and the idea that this is an elevation, a way of making things magnified and fun and a chance to do something special. I just think that, for the most part, the things people are doing for the holiday are essentially the same as they could do any day, and they don’t need to take the opportunity to make THIS day any more stressful and complicated than any other day.

My point is that I don’t think we need Valentines’ Day to tell us our love is valid. I don’t think we need this day to prove any point about us having a life or being able to make plans. I can celebrate Galentines with my friends anytime I want (and I did, February 9th, when nothing was super expensive for the holiday yet).

In fact, I’ll probably celebrate the day a few times. A few weekends. A few months, in little memories and the ordinary times I am sharing with the people around me.

Cover Image Credit: The Office-isms

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5 Things You Think If You're Single on Valentine's Day

I don't know the last time I went on a Valentine's Day date.

Valentine's Day: the day that makes you feel the most loved but can also make you feel the most alone.

Even though your father sends you the most beautiful bouquet or your mom gives you your favorite chocolate, you still wish you had that special someone who you could have a night out with, but here you are. You're in for the night, watching your favorite romantic comedy and eating all the chocolate that your mom got you. However, you're not alone.

Plenty of people during this stupid day of Valentine's Day don't do or have anyone, and they're completely okay with it. You should be too, but if you love being bitter on the day of February 14th, then you're probably thinking these things:

1. Love is stupid

It's only stupid if you're not in love because if you were, you definitely wouldn't be having these thoughts.

2. I hate everyone

Why is everyone in love? Who made up this holiday? Why are people shoving their relationship in my face? I don't care how many years you've been dating.

3. I only need my dog/cat

They'll love you more than you'll know and that's the only type of positive relationship that you need.

4. Who needs a boyfriend when you have Barefoot wine?

It'll treat you better than any guy you've been with and will only leave you hurting for a day.

5. Hopefully, I'll have someone next year

Even if you don't want to admit it, having someone on next year's Valentine's Day would make you so much happier than drowning your tears in wine and chocolate.

Just remember all of us single people are in the same boat as yourself, and we'll get through this so-called "holiday" together.

P.S.: hope you enjoy this GIF of Nick Jonas

Cover Image Credit: Savannah McGuire

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