How to Effectively Freeze Cauliflower

How to Effectively Freeze Cauliflower

Cauliflower can last a long time (through winter) if you freeze them the right way. If you want to retain much of the texture and flavor of the vegetables. it's conceivable that you should consider freezing cauliflower properly.


So without further ado let's learn the process.

Things You'll Need



Spider spoon

Freezer containers or freezer bags

Cauliflower can be frozen from 12 up to 18 months.

Steaming and Blanching

Steaming and blanching the Cauliflowers

What blanching and steaming do to the cauliflower is that the processes partially cook the cauliflower which stops the enzyme action. Plunge the cauliflower in a bath of boiling water to for blanching while the vegetables are suspended a few inches above the water. Cut the head of the cauliflower into small florets.

You need to work in small batches in order to make the operation more functional. Add only a single layer of cauliflowers in the pan. Blanch the cauliflowers for three minutes while they're submerged. Take them out until they are tender-crisp.

Leave them as is for 1 1/2 minutes longer so remove after 4 1/2 minutes. Most of the streamers come with a basket so you can remove the cauliflowers very easily. You can also remove the cauliflowers using a spider spoon.

Cooling the Cauliflowers

Cooling down the Cauliflowers

Hot cauliflowers often continue to cook even after removal from the steamer. If you leave at that, this can result in flavorless and mushy cauliflowers. Transfer the cauliflowers immediately to a bowl or cold icy water in order to retain the flavor and prevent overcooking. Keep adding 1 pound of ice for every pound of cauliflower.

Consider changing the water on a regular basis since hot cauliflower raises the temperature pretty fast. When you notice a significant temperature drop or about after three minutes remove the cauliflowers. Remove excess water using a clean kitchen towel. I do not recommend paper towels because paper towels may leave residues.

Prepare by Packing the Cauliflowers for storage

Freezing the Cauliflowers

Packing method will vary depending on how you plan to use your frozen cauliflower in the future. Use dry packing if you plan to freeze your entire packet of cauliflowers at once. Use BPA free freezer bags or freezer proof plastic containers to store the cauliflowers. Store them like you're leaving half an inch of headspace on the top. Before sealing the container or the plastic bag remove as much air as possible.

Oxygen in the storage bag or the storage container may cause freezer burn.

Storing the Cauliflowers in the freezer

Store the cauliflower is in the freezer. Consider labeling them based on the date so we can eat the older cauliflowers first. Cauliflowers can be frozen 12 to 18 months considering the fact the fact that they are properly blanched, cooled and packed.
I find it helpful to add an expired date to the label. Freeze as quickly as possible in order to retain the texture and flavor.

Freezers Hacks

Do not store any more food than the freezing capacity of the freezer. It's a good idea to store two or three pounds of food per cubic foot of your freezer space.

I can give you my personal heck, please the packaging along with the freezer wall that way you can freeze it fast. Consider leaving an inch or two in between each packaging, that way you will allow more cold air to circulate from the sides.
You should also consider redistributing the packages after 24 hours. You may do the same whenever you think you need any rearrangement.

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