13 ways for a college student to earn a living while studying abroad

13 ways for a college student to earn a living while studying abroad

The life of a student who is stdying abroad can be very tough. Especially in terms of getting a stable source of income. This article will help students get some ideas of ways to earn money while studying abroad.


How do I make money while I'm in college? There are plenty of options - all you have to do is choose the one you like.

Where can a student earn their money? There are at least 12 different options to help you not only earn but also develop useful skills for your future career.

If you want to go to a foreign college but are worried about where to earn for a living while you are studying, choose one of the various job options that are popular among abroad college students.

Assistant in the department

A student may be employed as a part-time assistant in one of the administrative departments of the college as a secretary, office manager or personal assistant. An excellent way to improve your organizational skills, which will be useful in your future work.

Teaching assistant

Graduate students can find a job as a teaching assistant by taking part in seminar sessions. For example, working as an assistant to your tutor or supervisor. This way, you can not only earn money, but also get to know more about teaching and possibly stay in college.


If you are majoring in finance, it might be a good idea to try trading on the stock market. Obviously, you should be very careful with the amount of money that you invest. One of the best places to start trading on is nsforex. If you're reasonable trading can become a stable, almost effortless source of income.


If you are unable to find a teaching assistant position, consider a grader position. This person's job is to help assess the work of groups of large numbers of students. You can also work remotely as a grader in online schools or courses.


Are you well trained in chemistry, physics or math? Perfect knowledge of a foreign language or how best to prepare for, for example, TOEFL, GMAT or another exam? In this case, you will be useful to other students who need to improve their knowledge. Offer your services to your friends, set hourly rates, criteria for evaluating your consultations, and get to work. Such a part-time job can then develop into a full-fledged profession.

Fitness instructor

And this option is suitable for young people who lead an active lifestyle. Yoga, zumba, running, crossfitting, or morning exercises on campus is a good way to combine doing what you love to do and making money.

Freelance copywriter

Future journalists, philologists or just bloggers who like to write can work as copywriters. Useful resources for these jobs are Freelancer.com and Upwork.

Dormitory Commandant

You can take on the social burden and become a commandant in your dorm. Students in this position receive not only work experience and leadership development, but also good benefits, including a free dormitory room, meals and even college classes.

Local guide

Another part-time job in the walls of the college for sociable and friendly students is the position of a guide for guests and future students on the territory of the college.


Probably one of the most popular part-time jobs among students. If you have free days or half a day every day to look after other people's children, write a nanny resume. You can find jobs at care.com, for example.

Sales representative

Sociable students can work as sales representatives in network companies, for example, Amway, Mary Kay, etc., is suitable. Flexible schedule and freedom in planning your time, plus you can work within the campus.


Often students also take part in various marketing activities to promote new products in stores. Consultations, tastings, surveys - good earnings and communication skills practice.

Employees of the service sector

Waiters, bartenders, kitchen assistants are another area popular with students. Flexible schedule, tips and the opportunity to work night shifts or only at weekends.

I believe that from this list, students will be able to choose the type of work that suits them personally, and to secure himself financially in another country.

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