As anyone with pets knows, leaving them for an extended period of time is unbearable, and leaving them for months on end to selfishly pursue a higher education is nearly impossible. As a first year college student, I have begun to experience the constant pang of longing to cuddle with my doggos greater than ever before. Every new dog milestone they experience without me there to document it is like a stab to the heart. From this struggle, I have emerged with a list of ideas to help cope with the pet separation anxiety most college students must go through unguided.

1. Get a stuffed animal

Like a really big one, preferably.

2. Accost dog owners on the street

Cherish every dog you see in college, they are a rare site to see.

3. Volunteer at a pet shelter

Surrounding yourself with cute lil animals can help distract you from those special ones at home.

4. Become a dog-walker

Turn your love for puppers into a financial opportunity; the only problem will be finding the dogs, because they are quite scarce in college.

5. Get a fish

At least it’s something?

6. Desperately plea on Facebook for dogs to pet

Definitely seen free-and-for-sale posts here and they're begging to hang out with dogs.

7. Call or FaceTime your pets to reassure them that you’re still alive

9.Secretly own a pet and avoid your RA at all costs

Tell no one and hide your precious baby

10. To all the high school readers planning on attending college and leaving your dogs at home- it’s not worth it just hold on to them as long as you can

11. If all else fails to relieve you of the pain of missing your pups; give in to your sadness, look at pictures of your sweet incredible dogs, cry a little bit, and realize nothing will ever supplement the love you and your doggo share