How to Create a Printable Calendar with Photos

How to Create a Printable Calendar with Photos

The image is the element that attracts the attention of those who look at or use the calendar.


2019 is coming up and making calendars with photos could be the perfect communication tool for you. In fact, the calendar, in all its variants, is an object that the public will always have before it, whether in an office or a workshop, a kitchen or a waiting room. As any self-respecting communication tool, you should communicate the values of your company (or the brand you are working for), in this case, through pages, photos and dates. For example, find a topic related to your company and use it throughout the 12 months of the year.

In our guide on how to create a calendar with photos, we show you the different types of calendars that can be made, where to find suitable photos, what programs to use to lay out the calendar and what other tips to follow.

1. Choose the format of your calendar with photos

First step of our guide on how to create a calendar with photos: decide what kind of calendar you want to make.

There are the classic wall calendars with photos, which are bound with spiral and whose distribution is one month per page.

Another type of calendar that can be created is the table calendar, also bound with a spiral and with a triangular shape so that it can stand up, for example, on office desks. Then there is the calendar with poster type photo, in a single format of 42 × 59.4 cm, which is useful to have in view all year. Another type is the planner, that is, the classic weekly office calendar bound with glue, with cardboard base and leaves that can be started, so that you always have it in front and take note of errands or appointments. Here, the area for the image is smaller, but can be customized with photos or graphic motifs. Then there are also the pocket calendars with photo, which can be laminated and are great as a creative gift for your customers. And, to finish, an original idea is the bookmark calendars, very practical and especially suitable for brands that operate in the cultural field.

Now that you know the different types of calendars to choose from, select a blank calendar and continue with our guide. For this, we will talk about a very important element: the image.

2. Choose the images to create a calendar with photos

Here is the next step of our guide on how to create a calendar with photos. It is obvious: the image is the element that attracts the attention of those who look at or use the calendar but, also, it is also the most customizable space and, therefore, it should contain the message you want to communicate with your photographic calendar.

To make a good calendar with photos, the images must be in high resolution and must be as original and significant as possible.

If you have a company and you want to create a product for your clients or your employees, you can hire a professional photographer to make original portraits of your own employees: for example, if the company is sporting goods, you could portray your employees in front of your headquarters dressed in sportswear and ready to practice your favorite sport.

If, instead, you have an association, you could include in the calendar the best moments of last year with your partners. To do this, you would have to review the photos taken during the year and select the best ones, after which, and always with the help of a graphic designer, you could retouch them so that they all have a homogeneous style.

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Exclusive Interview With Soul Singer December Rose


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