How to Create a Dating App: Tips, Features, Process, and Cost
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How to Create a Dating App: Tips, Features, Process, and Cost

Dating Apps have been in the headlines for the last couple of years

How to Create a Dating App: Tips, Features, Process, and Cost

​Dating Apps have been in the headlines for the last couple of years

Dating Apps have been in the headlines for the last couple of years. Some are successful; some are not. They have changed the way we date, with some apps offering a more personal approach than others. But what does it really take to make a dating app?

In this write-up, we'll learn how to make a unique dating app, what app features are most important, and how much it will cost.

How to Make an App for Dating?

Everyone has heard of Tinder, but if you create a dating app like Tinder, then your app will not be able to differentiate, and your app will fail.

Competition Study: Look at your competitors

The most crucial step before you start to create a dating app. There are several famous dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, etc. You can research their features, marketing strategy, revenue sources, etc.

Validate The idea you had to make a dating app

Creating a new app is difficult because you never know exactly how it will work or if users will like it.

To ensure you do not go in the wrong direction, I suggest you make your own Lean Canvas, which is a way to show visually good and possible your idea is. This method is made up of nine blocks, and each block deals with one of your idea's nine parts:

The most important problem users face is

  • Your solution
  • Unique selling points
  • Your app's advantage
  • Advertising channels
  • Audience segment
  • Cost
  • Key success indicators
  • Revenue channels

Filling in these boxes will help you know if your idea is worth developing.

Matching Algorithm

One of the most important parts of a dating app development is the matching algorithm, which is based on a set of attributes. Below are a few matching algorithms that you can implement in your app:

1. Using Geodata

Using geolocation data, an algorithm can offer users dates in their immediate area if that is what they want. Geolocation matching has many benefits and is important to consider when making a dating app.

2. Mathematical Algorithms

Mathematically based matching is based on algorithms that look at the information users provide in their profiles and through surveys. This includes Personality traits (age and gender), Compatibility of interests (music taste and hobbies), Physical state (height and weight), and Friend connections.

Even though matching based on math is popular, it is not perfect. This is because people often lie about themselves in surveys and profiles.

3. Behavior Analysis

When compared to mathematical matching, behavior analysis is a lot more complicated. This analysis uses a person's actual digital footprint (such as social media activity, search history, YouTube playlists, movie preferences, etc.)

4. Advanced Matching (AI)

With the help of AI, it is also possible to use more advanced matching algorithms.

Like Netflix and Amazon, a dating app can make suggestions based on a complex analysis of a lot of data. Face recognition, biological data, and analyzing behavior would make it easier to match people and make predictions.

Keep the Security

Many sexual predators use dating apps to find someone to hurt. Crime statistics show that the number of claims related to online dating services is rising.

To make a dating app as safe and secure as possible, pay close attention to the following:

  • User Security: Security for users includes verifying their profiles, filtering messages, a ban option, and a blacklist option. Make sure to block nudity and other content that is not appropriate.
  • Data privacy and security: When making an app, use high-security standards to keep information from getting out or being used badly. Also, ask permission to use personal information and explain how and why it is stored in the app.

Important Features to Implement in Your Dating App

1. Verification system: This system separates a good app from a pool of creeps and jokers. This could be done with social media, a photo, a phone number, an email address, etc.

2. Send gifts: In the initial stages of dating, giving, or receiving signs of attention would be fun. You can connect with some gift services to send sweets, flowers, and other things.

3. Push notifications: Tell people about new matches, events, or messages.

4. Report abuse: If someone uses your app to harass someone else, the victim should be able to report it and feel safe without having to leave your platform.

How much does it cost to make a dating app?

The budget for any custom software development needs to be planned out well. In general, the following things affect how much it costs to create a dating app:

  • Development strategy
  • Number of platforms (plus adaptability to devices, or "web responsiveness")
  • Location of a software developer and their rates
  • The difficulty of the app's design.
  • The number and difficulty of features in a dating app's first and later versions.

From what we have seen, making the first version takes about four to six months and costs between $50,000 and $75,000.

This is the least amount of money you should spend on the first version. The cost of making a dating app may increase depending on what you want and need.

Ways to Earn Money from Your App!

You must consider the return on investment when figuring out how much it will cost to make a dating app.

If you want to know how to make money with a dating app, think about the following ways to make money:

1. Advertising

Affiliate networks are the best way to do this. You can show deals from bars, cafes, shops, jewelry stores, florists, etc., that are both interesting and useful. Most of the time, the affiliate company gives rewards based on clicks or installs.

2. Freemium model

Users can be charged once a month or once a year. This model has extra features like an ad-free app version and the ability to swipe as many times as you want.

3. Gifts and purchases

You can make virtual gifts as one option. You could also go offline and do things like speed dating, meetups, or integrate with delivery or booking systems (e.g., selling tickets to concerts, taxi services, restaurant bookings, etc.).

4. Sponsorship

This option can be used in the future when the app becomes more popular and has more users. Then, you can talk to sponsors in related fields and ask them to put their ads in the app.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to make a dating app. If you want to get into the mobile app business, starting with a dating app can be a great idea.


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