5 Essential Steps to Creating a Successful Company Blog

5 Essential Steps to Creating a Successful Company Blog

Take your business to the next level by creating a successful company blog through these 5 steps.


The power of SEO for small businesses is no secret. Most people use Google to find the products and services they need, and if you aren't using SEO, you won't be found on search engines. No matter how great your product is, you need to have a strong web presence to increase your customer base.

One of the main components of SEO is creating a company blog. Starting a blog is easy and can really pay off for your business right away. Here are the essential 5 steps to creating a business blog.

Choose a Blogging Platform

Your blogging platform is necessary for creating a website and a blog. The most popular platform is wordpress.org, which is free to use and easy to set up. It takes just a few minutes before you have your platform up and you can start adding to your blog. There are some other free blogging platform options, but WordPress is the best choice for long-term business blogging.

Choose a Theme

WordPress allows you to choose a theme for your website from a large list of options. You can pick the one that you feel best represents your company brand. There are tons of free themes to choose from, and even more that you can pay for using their premium feature. When choosing a theme for your blog site, make sure to consider a few things.

First, is it functional on all devices such as smartphones and tablets? Then, make sure it comes with a support and contact option. You want the people visiting your site to be able to contact you with any questions or report any issues with the site. Make the theme representative of your business. Can your theme translate to a business card? Utilize a business card maker to see how your theme looks on paper.

Register Your Domain Name

Once you've decided on a blogging platform, you'll need to register your domain name (URL). This will cost you around 10 dollars per year, depending on which service you choose to use. Once you register your domain name, your URL will belong to you until the time you've paid for expires.

Purchase Web Hosting

In addition to paying for your domain name, you'll also need to pay for web hosting. This allows your website to host your blog, You can purchase web posting from several companies such as GoDaddy or Hostgator.

Create a Plan

Now that you have your website up and running, it's time to make a blogging plan. Is your goal to attract more people to your website, or do you want to become an established expert blogger in your field? You should determine how often you want to post, so you can set goals and stay consistent. If you want to improve your SEO, you should be posting a new blog at least once a month, but more often if you can.

You should determine the voice and style of your blog, and make sure it's consistent in all of your posts. You don't want each blog post to look and sound completely different. People who start reading your blogs should know what to expect when they click on a new article.

Most importantly, make sure you only post quality content. You are going to have potential customers visiting your website, and it's important they see you as an expert in your field. Always thoroughly proofread each blog before posting, and only post blogs that offer valuable and unique insight to your readers.

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5 Wedding Hairstyles For The Bride With Rapunzel-Like Hair

Stunning wedding hairstyles especially for brides with longer hair.


In the event that you have long hair and you are making sense of how to manage your hair for the big day, perusing this may very well spare you.

More often than not, Rapunzel-like ladies are frightened of getting excessively hair covering the front of her face under the cloak. Being too wild is likewise one issue, so some resort into getting it trimmed or abbreviated for the event. However, that shouldn't be the situation.

Here are a couple of beyond any doubt methods for wearing your long hair upon the arrival of the wedding without the need of shedding a couple of inches.

1. Lay it down straight


Got lovely, stick straight and impeccably gleaming hair? Display it out and don't let the cover out sparkle it. Get a headband type tiara to help shield the strands from straying into your face as you state "I do."

Ensure that your hair won't choke you as the breeze blows or be snared in the beading subtleties of the outfit. Check if the length of the hair won't barge in the outfit's trimmed or style.

2. One-sided


Breadth the majority of your locks to the other side, contingent upon which side you believe you are most OK with. Just the ladies with long bolts can pull off this look. Extra adornments like a little tiara brush or blossoms can be added to the haircut to give it a little edge and energy.

The hair can be prodded for more volume or twisted at the base for a progressively fantastic look.

3. Sensational twists


Either by a hair curler or a perm treatment, twists bring out sentiment and body to your wedding look. On the off chance that you are going for the twists to be restricted to the lower half of your hair, the headband tiara still works incredibly as an emphasis.

A touch up may be required if the twists are escaping before the supper has even begun.

4. Half up, half down


Half dos are perfect in the event that despite everything you need to have your hair down to light up your face yet don't need your grin to be concealed. Some hairdressers can even make a rose, smaller than expected bun or a complete style with your hair at the back. Concerning adornments, an exquisite yet straightforward tiara would work — not excessively but rather sufficiently only to shimmer.

5. The exemplary bun


Definitely, a major bun over the lady of the hour's hair delegated with a complex wedding tiara is everything necessary. Indeed, long hair might be a waste on the off chance that just kept covered up at the same time, envision the conceivable outcomes all on the grounds that the beauticians inspire a great deal of material to work with.

With the likelihood of interlaces, twirls, circles, prodding and weaving the look of the bun won't be much the same as some other out there. Matched with crowns and tiaras folded over the bun, this great lady of the hour look has been the one you've been longing for since age six.

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3 Ways to Save Money on Utilities During Winter

As college students or young adults, we're always looking for ways to save some extra money each month. Here's how you can keep your house warm without spending a fortune on heating this winter.


Don't leave your heater blasting for the next two months and pay a ton of money to the utility company. Here are three ways to keep warm and save money.

Make Sure Your Heating System Is Performing Optimally

Your heating system is what will keep your house warm throughout the winter months, but don't pay a ton of extra money because your system is working harder to heat your home. If your heating system is working at its best, it will save you a ton of money during the winter. If you think your system isn't working properly, you can have professionals come out and take a look.

Keep Your Home Insulated

Insulation helps to keep your home warm without using extra heat. By keeping your home insulated, you can save a fortune on utilities because your heating system will be doing a lot less heating. If you don't want to pay for insulation, you can do small things around the house to keep it warmer. Keep the curtains closed all the time to hold in heat. Have the fans turn the opposite way to circulate warm air. These small things can really make a difference.

Bundle Up

Instead of jumping straight to turn the heater on when it gets a bit cold in your home, bundle up with a sweater, sweatpants, and a blanket first. Keep yourself warm using comfy clothing instead of paying money to heat your home. You'll still feel just as toasty, and you'll see a big drop in your monthly utility bill from not using the heater as much.

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