How to Combat Parkinson's Disease
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How to Combat Parkinson's Disease

As we grow older, we must all prepare ourselves for any conditions in which come our way as some may be inevitable with age. Diseases such as Parkinson's are unavoidable as they may be hereditary passed down.

How to Combat Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease occurs mostly within the elderly population, however there is a small percentage of individuals who have it at a younger age. Though it is a common perception that it may not be initially rooted from mental degeneration, it is in relation to the brain. No matter the source, it is both a difficult and frustrating illness to go through as the conditions degenerate over time.

To define Parkinson's Disease, it is caused by nerve cells within the body which start to slowly break down and, thus, are no longer able to relay messages that the body sends to the brain. Nerve cells allow for the communication between the body and the brain. Sadly, over time, these nerve cells become more damaged and are unable to function as they once did. With that, wires get crossed and soon the person will begin to lose control of his or her body.

In the beginning, the symptoms include tremors, meaning that the hands, arms, legs or jaw may slightly shake. This is a result of the nerve affecting the muscles and movements. After some time, the symptoms increase and become more noticeable as they progressively worsen. Usually with Parkinson's, one side of the body is more affected than the other. In addition to that, some tasks become more difficult to do such as writing or even speaking. Though full-blown tremors do not usually occur until a couple of years down the line, sometimes the subtle tremors may escalate within as little as a few months.

Though doctors continue to do extensive research, there is no official explanation as to what exactly causes this disease. Diagnosis of such conditions are often made from medical histories and certain tests done to find other illnesses. With that being said, there is, unfortunately, no cure yet for those who are suffering. Because of its incurable characteristics, those who are suffering try to just continue on with their lives to make it more comfortable for themselves. With that, other symptoms may come along such as depression and difficulty in completing everyday, mundane tasks such as getting dressed or even eating. For someone with Parkinson's, something such as buttoning up a shirt or tying a shoelace can instantly become the most difficult puzzle to solve.

Though there are drugs to help ease the symptoms for this disease, they are only there for the short term as there are no beneficial effects to them in the long run. The medications can cease the tremors for only a short period of time so that individuals can carry on with their day, however, there is no long-term cure. The drugs generally complete the same tasks yet, for some, certain brand names work better than others. With that, doctors usually have to experiment with which brand would work best for each patient.

If someone has Parkison's Disease, doing their day-to-day tasks becomes more difficult than ever. That's why, often, professionals recommend a home health aid to assist the person suffering to make their lives more comfortable and so that they would be more productive. All Heart Homecare provides such services and gives the patient the ability to live their life more comfortably. For more information on how you can help someone suffering with Parkinson's Disease have a more enjoyable life, give us a call today and we would gladly share our services.

Parkinson's Disease is a difficult illness to deal with and affects not only the individual suffering, but also, those close to him or her. Though there is little that can be done to help cure the disease, being diagnosed at an early time can allow patients to be aware of what's to come and live their life fully. Additionally, the assistance of a home health aid becomes more of the appropriate option for it gives the individual the chance to live life more pleasantly.

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To learn more about All Heart Homecare and how we can help you today, call us at 888-388-8989.

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