Every year when we go out to buy new clothes we get so excited because we are happy with our purchases. But then the time comes when you go home and need to hang all of these new clothes in your closet. Now you realize that you have way too much clothing in your closet and you need to get rid of a few things.

Then you realize that you can't get rid of anything because "you may wear it one day". You try to decide what pieces aren't worth keeping and you only end up getting rid of five old t-shirts. What do you do now? You need the space, so there are a few things you need to question about each item of clothing that you have.

If you haven't worn the piece in over a year, then it's a good possibility you won't be wearing it any time soon. Some people put all of their clothes backwards on the hanger at the beginning of the year, and then change it when they wear it. If the piece is still there at the end of the year then it's a good idea to get rid of it.

Take a look at each item in your closet, and ask yourself when it was in style. If it's an all denim outfit from the 2000's, then it's time to say goodbye and toss it or donate it.

Maybe you bought the piece a while ago and it's just been sitting in your closet. If this item still has it's tags because it hasn't been worn yet and you don't see yourself wearing it any time soon, then maybe it is time to rid it from your closet.

That one shirt that you used to love but has a missing button or a hole in it has been sitting there in your closet unfixed for as long as you can remember. If you have not fixed it yet, then there is a good chance that you will not be fixing it any time soon. It's time to toss that item and part ways.

Lastly, check to see if the item still fits. Perhaps it's too small or too large. If it's expensive and you can get it altered, then do that. Otherwise it might be time to get rid of it and clear out space in your closet.

Even though it's really difficult to get rid of some of your clothing, just remember that it's only to make room for your new clothes. If you don't have to throw it out, then try donating it or selling it online. Best of luck with your decluttering!