How to Choose an Electric Bike
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How to Choose an Electric Bike

A new movement, which encourages the use of bikes instead of cars, has been gaining more and more strength in our country. After all, bikes are economical, ecological means of transport that don't obstruct public space as cars do.

How to Choose an Electric Bike

A new movement, which encourages the use of bikes instead of cars, has been gaining more and more strength in our country. After all, bikes are economical, ecological means of transport that don't obstruct public space as cars do. Because of this, electric bikes – or motorized, or even e-bikes – are gaining more and more followers.

City halls in several cities are seeking to increase the reach of bike paths and stores specializing in bikes and accessories are multiplying.

But choosing the bicycle as the main means of transportation may not be entirely convenient: after all, there are always steep stretches, which make pedaling unfeasible for non-athletes. And no one wants to get to work all sweaty first thing in the morning.

Choosing the Right Electric Bike for You

The fundamental step is to know what will be the main purpose of your electric bike: daily commuting or leisure?

This way you can trace an imaginary route in your mind, and move on to the next question: what terrain will you encounter on the route?

If your focus is on climbing hills, you'll need a bike with more power. If you need to travel long distances, your attention will be on its autonomy, on the number of kilometers its battery will be able to support. But whatever your choice, you have to deal with a reputable electric bike manufacturer.

But when your motorcycle has rides as its purpose, don't compromise on comfort.

Also, assess whether you will need to carry luggage, as luggage compartments such as baskets or trunks will be needed.

Different Powers of the Motorized Bike

- 180 to 250 Watts: for constant speed and flatter rides. You can ride together to increase your bike's performance.

- 350 Watts: courses a little more bumpy – or flat, but where you don't intend to eventually help by pedalling.

- 600 Watts: designed for steeper climbs and more weight. On flat courses your speed is higher – so be careful.

Electric Bike Activation Systems

With the Pedelec system you start your journey pedaling, and a sensor activates the engine when the bike reaches a certain speed. You don't stop pedaling, you just gain extra speed. In some countries, gyro sensors are more used, as they are cheaper than the Pedelec system – but they work in the same way.

There are also TAG (Twist and Go) bikes that have manual throttles, similar to those on motorcycles, or thumb-type accelerators, activated with a squeeze of the thumb. Here, pedaling is totally dispensed with. Another option is bikes with mixed acceleration systems, where the cyclist can choose to activate the movement with pedaling or automatic acceleration.

Battery Types for Electric Bikes

The choice of battery is essential, as it influences the performance you need and the final cost of your e-bike.

There are two types of batteries to turbo your bike: lead and lithium.

Battery autonomy varies between 20 and 60 kilometers, depending on the total weight of the bike, the rider, the terrain to be covered and the speed.

Lead Battery

They resemble car batteries. They are heavier, weighing about 10 kilos or more, increasing the total weight of your bike and impacting your speed, which becomes smaller. However, they are cheaper and more easily found on the market.

Lead-acid batteries last 300 to 400 full cycles, meaning they can be recharged 300 to 400 times. After that they must be replaced. They take six to eight hours to recharge and, because they are heavy, they are attached to the bike. You need to take it in one piece to the nearest outlet. You will always need to recharge the lead battery, even if it still has some energy in it, otherwise it might fail.

Lithium Battery

They are much lighter, weighing from one to four kilos. They are also more durable, reaching 800 cycles. In addition, their recharge time is shorter, taking two to four hours to be fully powered again. They can be taken off the bike to recharge.

Lithium batteries can be completely used up until they are recharged again – they don't lose energy as easily as lead batteries do. However, they cost 40% more.

There are still some other things to consider but what has been discussed above is the most important basis in choosing your electric bike.

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