How to Choose a Trademark Attorney. Key Qualities to look for
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How to Choose a Trademark Attorney. Key Qualities to look for

It isn't an easy feat to file for a trademark.

How to Choose a Trademark Attorney. Key Qualities to look for


It isn't an easy feat to file for a trademark. Apart from being expensive, the process can be tedious when you try to apply yourself. This is why you must choose a good trademark attorney who can help you throughout the process.

Utilizing the services of the wrong trademark attorney can affect your business. An experienced attorney ensures your brand is different from your competition by handling the critical aspects of application and enforcement.

Experienced trademark attorneys know the dos and don'ts of choosing a trademark. They can advise you on the possible risks and prevention methods to protect your brand. Though it is crucial to hire a trademark attorney, you have to look for certain qualities that make them stand out.

Let's find out some of them below.

Mastery of trademark law

The field of trademark law needs specific skills, experience, and training. Unfortunately, not all attorneys have the experience or knowledge to tackle trademark laws.

For example, if your business is located in Atlanta and you need a trademark lawyer, an attorney practicing in a different law area might not be the right person to handle your case. Instead, a trademark attorney Atlanta has to offer would be your best option.

Also, a lawyer proficient in a particular area of intellectual property doesn't mean they have the experience to tackle your business trademark case. Intellectual property law is broad, with it including several parts like copyrights, patents, and trademarks, and each of them is distinct from the others.

So to get the best results, you should hire an attorney with a complete mastery of trademark laws. Such an attorney should also be regularly working with the USPTO.

Professionalism and efficiency

Another quality to look for in a trademark attorney is professionalism. A trademark lawyer ensures that the registration process goes without a hitch. Hiring a trademark attorney helps reduce costly mistakes and prevents you from wasting time, compared to if you had started the process yourself or used non-specialized personnel.

The cost of a trademark lawyer usually varies widely. This is generally based on different factors like their scope of work. But experienced trademark attorneys or firms can provide customized services that ensure efficient use of your business assets.

Usually, you would devise ideas that might affect your business' bottom line. So you would need discretion from your lawyer. This is a quality that your chosen attorney must have if you must work with them. Competition is usually fierce, so you must be confident in your attorney taking the proper steps to protect your confidential business concepts.

Integrity and honesty

A trademark lawyer must possess integrity and honesty. This is a vital quality. Your business' success depends on your trademark, so you will place your trust in your lawyer to accomplish your business goals.

Moreover, a trademark lawyer must be able to honestly assess the chances of your trademark registration being successful (even when you don't want to hear the truth). People frequently focus on how well a lawyer can file trademark applications. Instead, it would be best if you focused on the time the lawyer places to ensure valued results for their clients.

Additionally, ensure the trademark lawyer you intend to work with has integrity. The lawyer should have a beneficial working relationship where your interests are placed before anything. Also, the nature of your business might determine if you should choose a trademark attorney that can work with you long term.

Remember that after your trademark has been successfully registered, you must monitor, review, or even embark on legal action for your business rights protection. You might also add other trademarks to your business portfolio gradually.

Proof of successfully registered trademarks

Attorneys help businesses in filing applications for the registration of a trademark. However, some trademarks are not successfully registered.

Trademark application not only involves paperwork, but specific legal processes requiring skill, expertise, and adeptness.

Since your business livelihood is at stake, you must verify your chosen attorney's successful registration track record before you hire them.

Good reputation

Another quality a trademark attorney must have is a reputation in the field of trademark law. People usually choose a trademark attorney or law firm based on the cost.

Instead, an excellent option is to choose an attorney based on their service quality. Most times, you can know a lawyer's reputation from testimonials and reviews from colleagues or clients.

The above social proof shows the lawyer's experience level and what you should expect from working with the attorney or law firm. It’s possible not to have many attorneys close to you, but hiring one where you live isn't essential. Registration for a trademark can be done nationwide.

So you can work with an attorney in any state to help you with your application and act on your behalf in any situation. But in litigation cases in state courts, you must have licensed lawyers solicit on your behalf.

Individualized attention

Trademark cases require effective communication with your client, thoroughness, and a hands-on approach.

It’s best to have a lawyer who works with you one-on-one and knows the aims of your business, as well as the potential hazards that might occur. Communication is vital when working with a trademark lawyer.

They should always be available to answer your concerns or questions quickly and keep you updated on your application status. Your lawyer should also be able to discuss problems arising and ensure you know the administrative and legal processes required to complete trademark registration.

Wrap up

A major priority of every business that just launched a new service or product is safeguarding its brand. In such a case, you will want to hire a trademark lawyer who can help increase your odds of successful trademark registration.

But when looking for a trademark attorney, you may be faced with various choices and price points. This can make it hard to find the right lawyer that meets your business goals. However, with the critical qualities mentioned above, you shouldn't have a problem choosing the right trademark attorney to meet your business aims.

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