How To Choose a laptop cooler

How To Choose a laptop cooler

laptop cooler


To properly choose your laptop cooler, you can take into account the following three criteria: the shape of the appliance, the type of use and the power of the cooling system.

The shape of the cooler

This is the first thing to check if you want to equip your laptop with a cooler, especially an active model. As much as there are shapes and sizes of laptops, as there are for the cooling devices. So first make sure that the dimensions of the chiller are compatible with those of your device, so you can put it on without difficulty and it is perfectly stable. Next, check that the computer air intakes are properly aligned with the chiller fan. Better alignment is needed for optimal ventilation.

The type of use

A portable PC used for simple business tasks, not requiring large software, will not need the same cooling system as the gamer PC for example. For the latter, it is recommended to use an active cooler, which is generally better able to control the large amount of heat released.

When you talk about the type of use, you also hear how you are used to using your laptop if your laptop is for gaming, QuickBooks, office work or laptop for trading. In other words the positions you adopt most often. It may be that, for the requirements of your profession or by choice, you will have to sit several hours in front of your laptop. In this case, it would be better to choose an active cooling support on which you can put the device. Choose an adjustable support, which raises or holds it in an inclined position, it is more practical and it keeps the bust straight to avoid back problems.

If you are forced to move regularly with your computer, it would be better to use a passive support to avoid being congested. Models of this type have the advantage of being smaller and therefore lighter. Some people also prefer to use their PC while sitting in their bed. If this is your case, it would be better to choose a cooling stand with a soft base.

The power of the cooling system

For efficient ventilation of your laptop, the power of the cooling system must be adapted to the needs of the laptop. If you are using a PC gamer or a PC with heavy applications installed, choose a cooler that is powerful enough to effectively neutralize the hot air that accumulates more quickly inside the unit. The power of active chillers is usually related to the number of integrated fans. However, check that the cooler is not too noisy.

What price for a laptop cooler?

The price of a laptop cooler is related to a number of factors. This is generally the type of cooler (passive or active), its size, the reliability and power of the cooling system, but also the possibilities of use it offers. It will take you on average between 20 and a little over 70 euros to offer you one of the most reliable models of chillers available on the market.

The best brands of cooler

The laptop PC chiller market is driven by different brands, but only a few of them offer products with a certain guarantee of quality and reliability. These include the brand KLIM, a prominent gaming product manufacturer, TOPMATE and TeckNet, brands specializing in computer accessories, and TAEGUS, one of the oldest manufacturers of computer products still on the market.

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