How To Find The Best Bong For Yourself?
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How To Find The Best Bong For Yourself?

Cannabis is among the oldest plants that originated from the South Asian subcontinent.

How To Find The Best Bong For Yourself?

People have been smoking it for centuries to enjoy the many benefits it can offer. While there are innumerable ways of consuming cannabis, smoking remains the most prominent one. Many people roll it in a joint or blunt to smoke, but a bong can help amplify the entire cannabis experience.

Are you new to smoking and having a hard time finding the right bong? Don't worry; your search for the perfect bong stops here. Read on to find your complete guide on choosing the right bong for yourself.

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How can you choose the perfect bong for yourself?

The correct bong can significantly impact your smoking experience. Choosing the ideal bong is a daunting task, especially with so many choices on the market. Here's a quick guide to assessing your bong requirements and selecting the ideal bong for you:

1.Style of your bong:

To begin with, start by considering the bong's design or appearance. Straight tubes, recycler, and beaker bongs are the most common forms. Straight tubes produce a thick smoke that dissipates quickly. Beaker bongs tend to give out more volume of smoke. It is more difficult to remove and create larger rips. Recyclers are primarily used to recycle water from smoking concentrates. If you are going to try a bong for the first time, you should go for a bong with a straight pipe or a beaker bong. Daily High Club provides a wide range of bongs to choose from. Try out their new bong collection for the best in class experience.

2.The thickness of the glass:

The thickness of the glass is critical since it determines how well your bong might last. The heavier the bong, the safer it is to handle since it won't break easily. It would be best if you also considered the environment in which it would be used. If you're going to use the bong in a room and keep it in one place only, thickness isn't as essential. But if you intend to carry the bong around with you or have sloppy friends, grab the hardest glass you can find. The slimmest glass is 2-3mm wide, with 3-5mm being the standard thickness. Then 5-7mm glass is very dense and challenging to crack. You would be safe with any glass thickness greater than 3.5mm.


You may use a bong without a percolator, but they've become almost universal due to their ability to enhance your smoking experience. A percolator is a device for cooling down smoke in your bong or pipe. This allows smokers to have a better blow. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and also in different patterns for various uses. The two aspects you should always look for while going for percolators are the smoothness of your smoke after it gets filtered and the high volume of drag you get after pulling from the tiny hole.

You don't need a percolator if you're new to the concept of bongs and smoking, but they're good to have. You may presume that it is a bright idea to purchase a bong with many percolators, but the pull from all of the percolators would make it difficult to clear the volume of smoke produced.

Image source4.Cleaning your bong:

Just like all other things in your house, your bong needs cleaning too. It would eventually get dusty, with carbon residue inside the glass. Cleaning would be easy if you want a minimalistic bong without any percolator. Cleaning a bong with a percolator, perhaps two or three of them, would be relatively difficult. If you decide to purchase a bong with accessories like percolators and ice trays, make sure it also comes with an ash catcher. Ash catchers are attachments for the bong to trap resin and ash out of the water. The haze can pass into the ash collector first, which traps ashes until it contaminates your glass pipe and lungs. It's much quicker to vacuum an ash catcher than it is to clean your bong.

Image source5.Size of your bong:

Are you one among those who think a bigger bong will give you more satisfaction? This is a common misrepresentation. When selecting the appropriate size, all you have to do is determine what you expect from a bong.

A taller bong can offer an overpowering hit if you're a new smoker with limited personal experience. Additionally, if you want to carry your bong while you're on the go, a pipe that is between seven to twelve inches tall is ideal. This scale of the bong is not just small and lightweight, but it's often known as a "flavor saver" because it keeps the taste of your ingredients. Smaller bongs are often better for budget-conscious smoking since they usually are less expensive.

If you're a seasoned smoker searching for the most powerful blow, a bigger bong is the way to go. Longer bongs not only produce more smoke but can have more ventilation and filtration.

The bottom line

While it is relatively easy to go with the bong suggested by somebody else, only you can know what fits you best. To get the most out of your money's worth, it is best to buy the bong as per your preference. With the points mentioned above, your selection process will become a lot smoother. Refer to the points if you feel stuck anywhere in your buying process and make sure you buy the best one!

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