With the nation's birthday coming up, there are going to be hundreds of parties, barbecues and red, white and blue outfits, cocktails and decorations. In addition to civilians celebrating, there are going to be hundreds of frat bros and sorority sisters everywhere, representing their houses and their nation. Below is a guide to partying like a Frat/Srat star to have the ultimate Greek celebratio

1. The outfit: Probably the most important aspect of this holiday. No fourth of July party would be complete without girls in high-waisted, ripped shorts and matching American flag shirts. A plastic flower head band completes the outfit to show that you are the ultimate easy-going American girl. 

For the frat stars, if you are shot gunning beers on the beach then repping your letters is a must. Another huge requirement is Ray Bans and a red bandana tied around your forehead. If you are going a little classier, then boat shoes paired with a red or blue polo is a requirement to show how much of an all-American Southern gentleman you are, even if you're from Long Island. 

As an added bonus, at least one guy will show up in a white wig stating that he is that Washington guy or someone and make you refer to him as Mr. President.

2. The soundtrack: nothing shouts "land of the free and home of the brave" quite like a super-awesome EDM and dub-step playlist. Dance the night away to Tiesto and Diplo whose songs just scream good ole'fashion America. At least once during the day the all-too-eager self-appointed DJ will remix the star spangled banner with an Avici song while everyone yells really loudly pretending they know the words to our nation's national anthem. 

3. Your posse: Whether near or far, your Greek sisters and brothers come together on this day to "celebrate." And by celebrate I mean find an excuse to get a hotel in Atlantic City and hang in your hotel, by the pool and on the beach. All day you will sorority squat in pictures, throw what you know and tell your bros how much you love them. Nothing says happy birthday America like a cold bevvy on the Jersey Shore with your best friends.

4. The food: undoubtedly there will be burgers, hot dogs and wings that the guys will devour. The girls will complain about how they aren't organic veggie burgers on whole wheat buns and that the wings are too messy for their newly-painted red, white and blue nails. 

5. Last but not least, no Greek gathering would be complete without Total Sorority and Fraternity Moves. Here a few you might encounter:  

Using the fourth of July as an excuse to wear your American Flag shorts that you made during a pinterest-inspired sisterhood event. #TSM 

Doing who/whatever you want because "This is America and women have the same rights as men." #TSM 

Making a t-shirt with America written on it spelt out in your sorority letters #TSM 

Coordinating matching red, white and blue outfits with your big and little #TSM

Fighting a guy in the liquor store because he just bought imported beer. #TFM 

Convincing everyone to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before shot gunning a beer #TFM  

Wearing a cut-off t-shirt with "Back to back world war champs" on it #TFM 

Starting a U-S-A chant as you march through parties, hotels, bars and stores #TFM