How To Bruff Passover

How To Bruff Passover

Seder-less? No problem.

As a self-proclaimed #BruffSuperfan, I felt it important to spend at least one of the holiest dinners at headquarters. If you're still looking for a seder to join, not to fear–Bruff is here.

The Seder Plate

I suggest using one of the small, white plates by the sandwich bar. They're more intimate.

1. The Shank Bone

So, unfortunately, Bruff did not have a gyro option tonight, so there was no lamb to be found and definitely no bone. We did however, find a chicken nugget. The breading is not kosher for Passover, but our only other meat option was pot roast, so this was definitely the better of the two.

2. The Egg

Bruff no longer has hard-boiled eggs at the salad bar. Not to fear, we asked a Sodexo employee if he had an egg handy and sure enough, he went to the back and got one! We may have received a look of extreme confusion from this gentleman regarding why two girls were requesting a raw egg for dinner.

3. Bitter Herb (usually parsley)

There's no parsley at Bruff. But who needs parsley when there's kale!

4. Bitter Herb #2

Romaine lettuce is typically used, so we were in luck for this one. You can always count on the Bruff salad bar for Romaine lettuce.

5. Haroset

Usually Bruff has apples so that would definitely be the ideal choice because Haroset is typically some variant of apple paste. We used sugar instead (Haroset is sweet, right?)

6. Maror (usually horseradish)

Horseradish is not supplied by Bruff, but since we are at school in New Orleans, there are plenty of other spicy options circulating the dining hall. Tony's Creole seasoning was our "horseradish" of choice, but hot sauce will do just fine too.

And don't forget the salt water! We used an ice cream bowl and used tap water and a salt shaker.

Don't even think about going near the bread cabinet! Unleavened bread only, my friends.

Shoutout to Bruff for supplying us with some extra things that really enhanced our Passover experience

Matzah ball soup (best day ever)


Wine/grape juice - We are underage, of course, so grape juice was the obvious option. Shoutout to the Bruff juice machine. Side note: juice is so underrated, especially grape.

And if you really want to go all-out for the Passover experience after your meal, ask a Bruff worker to hide the afikomen.

Happy Sodexo Passover!

Cover Image Credit: Bryce Berman

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What 'The Drink You Bring To Class' Says About Your Personality

I think we're ALL #thirsty.

Sometimes it's a well thought out protein shake made in a blender bottle, a smoothie from a Nutribullet or a venti cappucino with 3 extra shots and a pump of caramel from Starbucks.

No matter what it is, we all have a preferred drink we bring to class.

1. Aloe water drink

You probably follow #fitspo trends on Instagram, but you're not sure if the drink is actually healthy or not. Sure, aloe on the outside of your body is good for it, so what happens when you drink it?

2. Very Large™ iced coffee

You tell your friends, "caffeine doesn't affect me!" but two hours later you're in class with tunnel vision wondering if the new boots you bought will go with your denim skirt.

3. Naked juice

I mean, it's made of sugar basically but you probably think it's the healthiest thing you can get at the convenience store on the way to class. Who needs Starbucks when you can juice your way to a 2,000 calorie diet?

4. Jamba Juice smoothie

It's a step up from a Naked juice but not any better. You probably also follow #fitspo accounts on Instagram and think that drinking a sugar smoothie will get you #swole. It won't.

5. Boba tea

Maybe you're an international student or maybe you're just an American who loves Asian culture, calls everything "kawaii" and can't live without pho. Or maybe you just picked one up on the way to class because a student group was selling them. That's cool too.

6. Unidentified colored liquid in a water bottle

Who knows. You're a complete mystery. It could be Emergen-c, it could be alcohol, it could be a flavored iced tea packet. We can't figure you out.

7. Soda

Your teeth are probably rotting or you don't care what people think of you.

8. Coffee from the pretentious shop on campus

Ugh, we get it. You pay for your coffee without using points. You're so bougie it hurts.

9. Water in a Nalgene bottle covered in stickers

Probably think you're so hip and cool, but no one cares. A sticker that says "Mind the Gap"? Soooo original, Sarah.

10. Gallon of water

Either you're a frat boy who lost a bet, or you just feel a great need to be hydrated. This doesn't make sense. Carry a water bottle like a normal human.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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How Watermelon—A Fruit—Became Oklahoma's State Vegetable



When someone tried to tell me that watermelon was the state vegetable, I giggled. Considering myself as someone who always takes the objective approach, I decided to the research. Google verified that watermelon was the state vegetable AS OF 2007.

I cannot even use time and ignorance as an excuse for this. When Oklahoma had mistletoe as the state flower in the 1800s, it was because mistletoe was not known to be a parasite that decimated precious tree populations. Once politicians found research proving that mistletoe was indeed a parasite, Oklahoma legislature decided to choose a new state flower that properly represented growth instead of poison within the environment. This is not necessarily the case with the state vegetable.

According to Don Barrington, the senator that sponsored A bill proposing for watermelon to be the state VEGETABLE said that the "controversy" had been solved. Apparently, the categorization of watermelon as either a fruit or a vegetable WAS AN IMPORTANT CONTROVERSY FOR THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF OKLAHOMA.

Sorry if you are reading and it feels like I am yelling by putting important phrases in all caps, but everyone needs to be alerted to the fact at HOW PREPOSTEROUS THIS IS. IF I CANNOT GET OVER IT, YOU CANNOT GET OVER IT, EITHER.

Turning back to the main point, we have had many important controversies that the Oklahoma legislature has had to handle with seriousness and wisdom. One includes fracking, and another includes our teachers not being paid enough to teach across the state of Oklahoma. Road construction has been another important issue amongst others. Therefore, there really was not a reason for AN ENTIRE BILL TO BE WRITTEN FOR WATERMELON TO BE CONSIDERED LEGALLY AS A VEGETABLE IN ORDER TO BE THE STATE VEGETABLE.

According to Senator Barrington, he claimed that watermelon was a member of the cucumber family, so it could, therefore, be a vegetable. However, he was met with dissent from a fellow senator who literally pulled out a dictionary and read it, proving that watermelon is considered to be a fruit everywhere else. Senator Barrington also boasted of how watermelon as a state vegetable would boost his "watermelon-growing Rush Springs constituency" since he apparently won a local contest for spitting watermelon seeds the farthest in 1994

Not only is it a problem when politicians ignore definitions IN THE DICTIONARY, but also the problem is cucumbers ARE ALSO NOT VEGETABLES. Senator Barrington claimed that watermelon had to be a vegetable because it is a part of the cucumber family. The issue with this is that scientists have classified cucumbers ALSO AS FRUITS, specifically fleshy fruits that are called Pepos. Therefore, Senator Barrington desired for watermelon to be considered as a vegetable under false claims that it could be a vegetable.

In 2015, Senator Nathan Dahm wrote a bill, Bill 329, to revoke watermelon's designation as the Oklahoma state vegetable. However, watermelon is still the state vegetable because we have many watermelon festivals and some politicians can win competitions for spitting watermelon seeds.



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