How to Be Ready for a Warm Day This Fall
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How to Be Ready for a Warm Day This Fall

Fall is a magical season where the temperatures begin to dip and the leaves start to change.

How to Be Ready for a Warm Day This Fall


Fall is a magical season where the temperatures begin to dip and the leaves start to change. For a lot of people, the fall seasonal change is one that they look forward to all year. While the hot sunny months of summer lend themselves well to adventure, there’s something so calm and relaxing about sweater weather and warmer colors. The fall feels like a time to take it easy, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty of the season.

Whether you take time to go out and explore your favorite hikes and enjoy the changing scenery as the leaves change colors, or you spend time around a bonfire with friends fall begs to be experienced. One of the absolute best parts about fall is the temperature of the weather.

The fall season isn’t too cold or too hot, and it usually fluctuates in and out of sweater temperatures in a delightful way. When you wake up in the morning, the brisk fall air requires some thicker layers and a light jacket, and then the world warms up around noon only to return to jacket weather by evening. This kind of temperature fluctuation means that people can pull out their favorite sweaters, scarves, and jackets that they have been missing since the beginning of summer!

When it comes to enjoying the fall season, there are still going to be those unexpected days hot days - especially at the beginning of the fall season. While the first official day of fall is September 1st, it’s not unusual for there to be a few surprisingly hot days mixed into the preceding weeks.

If you have been wondering what you need to have on hand so you can be ready for a surprise hot day this fall - here is everything you need to know!

Delay Putting Up the Pool

Yes, certain things like sunglasses are a given that you will use throughout the fall and winter, but for some items like pool floats you may be tempted to put them up too quickly. Just because the fall season comes around, you may be surprised at how many warm days you have before the cool weather sets in consistently.

In the case that you have a weird couple of days where the sun is hot and it doesn’t feel like fall at all, you’ll be happy you kept the pool open. The truth is, there’s no rush to close down your pool and put up all of your summer fun stuff. If you have an outdoor pool of some kind, keep it open till late September. If you end up having a couple of days of unexpectedly hot weather, have your friends and family over and go for one last swim of the year.

Even if it’s last minute, your friends and family would love to have one more day to grill up some burgers and dogs outside next to the pool before it shuts down for the year. So keeping things like pool floats on hand and your swimsuits out of storage is a great move for early fall.

Keep Your Wardrobe Flexible

One of the best parts about fall is that you get to change up your wardrobe and pull all of your favorite sweaters, jackets, and scarves out of storage. However, because fall can be a little unpredictable, especially in the first few weeks, it pays off to leave some nice light clothing just in case you get hit with a few hot days in a row!

This could be as simple as making sure you leave a few of your favorite tank tops, shorts, or t-shirts in the closet. Tank tops for men or a pair of running shorts can come in clutch when the fall season decides to throw a few warm days your way. The good news is that just because you leave these pieces in your closet doesn’t mean you still can’t use them on cooler days.

Fall is all about layering up and feeling comfortable. So, if you leave a few tank tops in the closet, you can still use them on the cool days, you just throw them on under your favorite long sleeve shirt or sweater. Mixing and matching some of your favorite warm weather pieces with your fall items can also create some unique fits that you’ll love to wear. So keep a couple of ball caps like your US navy hat, and some tank tops in the closet - don’t put all of your warm clothes in storage right off the bat!

No Need to Box Up Your Workout Clothes

The fall is a great time to get out and enjoy mother nature, and there are certain brands that can keep you warm and active during the fall, like Nike or Under Armour. In fact, the idea of layering up your workout clothes works just like layering up your casual clothing.

Activewear is expensive because it’s functional and comfortable for workouts both inside and outside of the gym. Even if the temperatures are dropping for the fall season, keep your workout clothes in the closet. If you decide to go for a run or an outdoor HIIT workout, just layer up, but for the most part, you’ll still use the same clothing in the gym that you would in the summer.

If you do enjoy outdoor sports like running or cycling, then investing in some name-brand winter workout gear is well worth it. These pieces are specifically designed to support your body in cold temperatures while you train outside no matter the activity. However, for the unexpectedly hot day in early fall, you’ll be thankful you still have some summer running shorts on hand!


Every fall season is going to be unique and play out differently than the one before it and you can typically bank on there being some surprise warm days mixed into the beginning of it. As long as you keep some warm day items on hand through the first few weeks of fall, you should be good to go!

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