How to Be Productive with Social Media

How to Be Productive with Social Media

Social media can consume your whole day. In this post we share some info that could be useful if you want to be more productive on social media.


Despite what many people think, social media can allow people to be highly productive. It is very easy to hate on social media sites and there are many examples that support this claim. But in turn, there are also many ways that can help people be productive by using it.

Many people claim these sites stupify people and that they make people spend a lot of time using them. You can also say that the quality of content on these sites lacks taste as various social media trends have allowed the net to be overfilled with selfies and half naked pics.

But the thing that you are not aware of is that social media also has the power to make us highly productive. It is often much easier to think about the bad and disregard the good. Se here is various ways that social media sites can make us highly productive.

Keeping in Touch

Most people tend the forget the primary purpose of social media, keeping in touch. This is the reason why these sites have been primarily made and are actually still its biggest strength. Networking is still the biggest advantage of social media sites and the ability to connect with anybody on the globe is still embedded in its core.

A lot of people are not using it to stock other people or to check out on their ex, but the main purpose of these sites is a connection. You can still use this to your advantage for many different purposes and aspects. Connecting with people allows you to develop more business opportunities and helps you to develop your business.

It also has a remedial aspect since it can help many people get over loneliness. Depression is a very serious illness and can often be cured by social contact. Here is where these sites come useful as they allow you to have contact with people who are far away from you.

It Inspires People

If you have a lack of inspiration, social media is there to help. We also forget how useful it can be to start your thought process by looking for inspiration on social media sites. If you are doing any kind of creative work you know that it is easy to run into a creative slump. But you may often find refuge and find inspiration on certain social media sites.

There are multiple sites that allow you to find inspiration in your time of need. Pinterest is the perfect example as it has a lot of pictures that can inspire you and get you productive in a second. Sites like come with a multipurpose as they have the same formula as Pinterest does but also offers to pay users for their contribution to the site.

All in all, many people now look for inspiration here. In just a few seconds of browsing, you can find something to inspire yourself instead of staring at the wall for an hour and a half waiting for inspiration to hit you on the head.

Search for It

"Why don't you Google it?" is a phrase that gets tossed around these days quite often. If you don't know the answer to a certain question most people instinctively open their browsers and search for the answer to the question at hand. The same can be done using social media.

Many sites hold the answers to our questions and allow us to get it instantly. The only thing that we have to do is search for it. In the past, this was done using blogs and chat rooms but today you can do the same using social media. If you need an answer ot a specific question, you are better off finding it on a specific social media site with the given topic than searching for it on the web.

This way social media provides an easy fix for your problems. You can find the solution to the query you have in just a few simple clicks.

Social Media and Travel

You probably did not think about this aspect of social media, but it can really be helpful for travel! You can't imagine how helpful it is to have some advice close on hand whenever you need it for traveling. Especially if you are going to a foreign country you will need added help to help you get by.

There are many social media sites that give you advice about where to stay, where to eat, what to visit, etc. It is an invaluable source of information that can save your life and your trip.

Be sure to use it to your advantage and make your travel plans a lot easier. Join groups so you can ask questions and share your experiences about places that you have visited.

Business Idea

Social media has become an irreplaceable part of every business. Every modern business needs to include social media in their business plans in some way. So today, many businesses cannot function without having some connection or a profile on a certain platform.

This gives a lot of work opportunities for people who are experts at this. Social media marketing has already become very valuable in the business world and is constantly developing. There are many new positions emerging and people use it to their advantage and earn money that way.

Procrastination and social media have already be tightly connected. But in this new age, we feel that social media is gaining a much tighter connection with work and business.


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8 Types Of People Fetuses Grow Into That 'Pro-Lifers' Don't Give 2.5 Shits About

It is easy to fight for the life of someone who isn't born, and then forget that you wanted them to be alive when you decide to hate their existence.


For those in support of the #AbortionBans happening all over the United States, please remember that the unborn will not always be a fetus — he or she may grow up to be just another person whose existence you don't support.

The fetus may grow up to be transgender — they may wear clothes you deem "not for them" and identify in a way you don't agree with, and their life will mean nothing to you when you call them a mentally unstable perv for trying to use the bathroom.

The fetus may grow up to be gay — they may find happiness and love in the arms of someone of the same gender, and their life will mean nothing to you when you call them "vile" and shield your children's eyes when they kiss their partner.

The fetus may grow up and go to school — to get shot by someone carrying a gun they should have never been able to acquire, and their life will mean nothing to you when your right to bear arms is on the line.

The fetus may be black — they may wear baggy pants and "look like a thug", and their life will mean nothing to you when you defend the police officer who had no reason to shoot.

The fetus may grow up to be a criminal — he might live on death row for a heinous crime, and his life will mean nothing to you when you fight for the use of lethal injection to end it.

The fetus may end up poor — living off of a minimum wage job and food stamps to survive, and their life will mean nothing to you when they ask for assistance and you call them a "freeloader" and refuse.

The fetus may end up addicted to drugs — an experimentation gone wrong that has led to a lifetime of getting high and their life will mean nothing to you when you see a report that they OD'd and you make a fuss about the availability of Narcan.

The fetus may one day need an abortion — from trauma or simply not being ready, and her life will mean nothing to you as you wave "murderer" and "God hates you" signs as she walks into the office for the procedure.

* * *

Do not tell me that you are pro-life when all of the above people could lose their lives in any way OUTSIDE of abortion and you wouldn't give 2.5 shits.

You fight for the baby to be born, but if he or she is gay or trans, you will berate them for who they are or not support them for who they love.

You fight for the baby to be born, but if he or she is poor or addicted, you will refuse the help they desperately need or consider their death a betterment of society.

You fight for the baby to be born, but when the used-to-be-classroom-of-fetuses is shot, you care more about your access to firearms than their lives.

It is easy to pretend you care about someone before they are even born, and easy to forget their birth was something you fought for when they are anything other than what you consider an ideal person.

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What You Need to Know About Flower Essence Healing

Flower essence essentials. Some of the most important things about flower essence healing I learned so far.


I discovered flower essence therapy by mistake. I was at a certain stage of my life, a crossroad if you will, and I dabbled with different things in order to find a meaning to it. At one point things seemed rather bleak but it eventually took me to a path of redemption and me discovering ways of not just healing my body but my soul.

Here is where I discovered flower essence. At first, I was a little bit skeptical to try it, mainly because there are no actual evidence and trials which connect healing and flower essences together. But if you open your mind and dive into the spiritual you will find that it is there. This kind of remedy saved me and opened new doors for me and in a way ushered me into a completely new state of existence.

If you are ready to venture on the same path as I was, just be open to it. No matter how strange it sounds, the only way you will accept it is by opening your mind. Friend from a flower shop was a great help for me as she provided me with the essential knowledge that enabled me to start. She also gave me emotional support and opened up the gates that eventually went through.

What are Flower Essences?

First thing's first. What are flower essences? Many people have actually never come in contact with them and may seem confused. The best and most simple answer is that flower essences are infusions of flowers into water. The mixture is exposed to sunlight and is preserved in a solution. Alcohol is usually used as a preservant but glycerin is also used.

Contrary to what you may think, flower essences do not have a specific smell. The idea behind using them is that certain flowers posses certain energies and thus have healing properties. The healing energy of flowers is captured into the liquid and is then used for healing.

Flower essences go into the realm of vibrational and homeopathic healing. It is more connected to crystal and sound healing, even acupuncture, than with any other traditional form of healing.

The Origin of Flower Essence

While flower essence therapy draws its origin into the far past of human evolution, a closer origin story dates back to turn of the 20th century. Flower essence therapy has been around for ages but it was first introduced to the Western world by a British physician.

He started experimenting and using flower essences in order to treat various ailments of his patients. At first, it may have sounded silly, but the results eventually came.

His method was to place a certain flower into some water of a period of time until the water is imbued with the unique and essential imprint of the flower which was believed to have healing properties and would later be used to heal his patients.

How to Use Flower Essence?

Flower essences are used in various ways. But since they do not possess the smell of the flower they have been made from they are much different than essential oils, for instance. While other similar remedies are mostly based on healing physically, flower essence heals the soul.

One of the easiest ways to use it is to put a drop under your tongue. Some people put a few drops on their pillow before going to sleep. You can even put a few drops into your bath and bathe with it. The idea is that the healing energy of the flower is supposed to course through your body and heal you.

How is Flower Essence Different from Essential Oils?

This is what a lot of people are confused with. Essential oils and flower essences are a completely different form of healing. Essential oils are far more popular compared to flower essences, but the truth is that they are not as effective as flower essence is.

The biggest difference is that essential oils have a certain aroma to them and are used for physical healing. Flower essence works on a completely different level and heals the body on a spiritual plane.

The energy that flows through each flower is supposed to flower through your body and heal it. Another thing that you also need to know is that flower essence does not have any scent at all.

What Conditions Can Flower Essence Treat?

Flower essence is essential in healing the mental side of our being. There are actually many ways flower essence can help, but it mostly depends on the flower that is used. Here are some types of flowers and in which purpose they can be used.

Passion Flower - Takes us on a divine path and helps us connect with our higher self.

Nasturtium - Takes us away from our heads and brings us back to our body. Helping us to feel grounded.

Lemon Flower - Helps us focus and gives us clarity and clears away the mental fog.

Hibiscus - Stimulates sexual and reproductive energy and also evokes passion.

Grape Hyacinth - Helps to relieve stress which originates from physical or mental trauma.

How Can I Make Flower Essence?

There are many ways to make your own flower essence. But everything is connected in a spiritual plane. The recipes may different but the end result is always the same. Some essences need to be exposed to sunlight while others are made during the full moon. It takes a specific kind of ritual to make your own flower essence.

The most important and basic thing is that you only need one flower to make one essence. Compared to essential oils where one does requires for a bunch of flowers to be used. You need to capture the essence of a flower into some water, a solvent.

People use brandy but you essentially need alcohol. Glycerin is also used if you want to give it to children or to people who are allergic. But alcohol is the best preservant.

Put the lower into a casing and let it be for a while. After you are done the solvent will be ready to use. A few drops are more than necessary for a dose.

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