Hey everyone! This is my first ever post for the Odyssey and I am excited to share my special techniques that I will be using this year to stay organized!

1. Make use of the calendar app on your iPhone!

I discovered that your calendar app can do wonders at helping you stay on top of things. Adding things to get done for the day and setting up times to do it has helped me tremendously!

2. Checklists are a MUST.

Jotting down the things you need to get done ASAP always help me get it done faster! After you've completed the task, the best part is always marking that check in the box next to it!

3. Keep your room tidy!

Cleaning your room before you start your day can help you more than you know with your organization. It also gives you confidence and more energy to a better start for a great day.

4. Make your bed!

Instead of leaving in a rush out the door, make some extra time for yourself to make up your bed. It might not seem like it is something worth doing but I promise you, it makes all the difference coming home after a long day!

5. Use a planner

Try investing in a pretty looking planner! I invested in one last semester and it has been my saying grace ever since. Writing down all of my assignments helps me stay organized and has me feeling less stressed.

6. Stick Stick Stick!

Writing simple tasks down on sticky notes and attaching them to my desk mantle has helped me get things done way faster than before! Getting to take that sticky note off my desk and throwing it right into the trash makes me feel so much more accomplished.

7. Keep your backpack neat!

Make sure that you take a look in the pockets of your backpack as often as you can to empty out old homework, leftover scraps, etc! This will have you feeling weirdly less stressed about getting assignments done, reaching for that last assignment you cannot find and getting your tasks done!

8. Set deadlines for yourself!

Give yourself specific timelines of when you want a certain job to get done. Tell your friends that you will get your list of things to do done by the end of the day and stick to it. Sometimes, telling friends can help you and them stay motivated!

9. Out with the old, in with the new!

Spend some extra free time on getting rid of any old things such as clothes, school books, etc! Clean out your closet and try to make more space in your living area. A spacious work area can make all the difference in getting your work done!

10. Last but not least, REWARD YOURSELF.

When getting a task out of the way, the best accomplishment after doing it is getting to reward yourself. Don't get caught up getting worried about the little things too quick. Instead, take a break, relax, watch a movie, then resume your day of work!

I hope all of these ways of staying organized can help you as we kick off into the new year!