Earth Day Or Not, Here Are 4 Easy Ways To Be Green

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd, and it's meant to demonstrate support for environmental protection and conservation. Some organizations put on events and some people march, and on a smaller level some individuals or groups will volunteer or plant trees, The point of the day isn't to do something aggressive in the name of the environment; Rather, it's to bring awareness to the unceasing need to treat the Earth well (for our own good).

This holiday is also just one day. That doesn't mean, though, that one should care on just 1 of every 365 days. After all, it's in no one's best interest for the environment to deteriorate and for the places we hold dear — like our National Parks — to be less than they once were. Places like Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and Zion National Forest are all amazing sights to see around our area, and it would be absolutely devastating if any were to be significantly degraded by the effects of climate change. Not to mention all of the animals that live there.

Luckily, there are ways that anyone can do better when it comes to being green. Here are 4 easy ways to be a better inhabitant of the Earth.

1. Recycle your takeout food containers.

If it's plastic, chances are that you can recycle it! Just rinse the dang thing off and throw it in your blue recycling bin. There's no reason to throw a plastic container into the trash bin. EVERY piece of plastic that is recyclable will have the recycling triangle symbol on it. If you aren't sure what you can recycle, check the LA County site or search on the packaging for an indication.

2. Turn off your lights and unplug charger cords when not in use.

This isn't just green, but it's a money-saver if you pay for electricity. The average monthly electrical bill in California is over $101, which is not something you want to be paying (this is one of the few times when you want to be 'below average'). Plus, it's better for the Earth if you use less, because then this power doesn't need to be generated from a plant or otherwise.

3. Carry a reusable water bottle.

This has a few benefits. 1) You'll be reminded to stay hydrated throughout the day. 2) You won't need to buy drinks on campus and waste money. 3) You won't use plastic bottles (if you do, please recycle them). What's not to love? Added bonus: You can get a water bottle for something you love, like a band or a city, which is an easy conversation starter with other people.

4. Cook your own meals.

Buying takeout is convenient, but it also creates a lot of unnecessary waste. Hopefully you can recycle your containers and usually you'll also get plastic silverware and a plastic bag (recycle this bad boy at the grocery store if you get one). Cooking your own meals cuts all of this out, plus it's way healthier and cheaper.

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