Unleash Your Inner Girl Boss, Tips & Tricks

Unleash Your Inner Girl Boss, Tips & Tricks

#GirlBoss is the new trend, and you have no reason not to join this movement.

You clicked on this article, which could mean two things. One, you want to learn more secrets and insider points about how to be the boss of your own life. Two, you have no idea what a Girl Boss is. Well, let me enlighten you on this empowering movement.

In my own words, a Girl Boss is a gal who is motivated, empowered and focussed on becoming the best woman they can be; through their work, relationship, and social lives. The phrase has been all over lately, especially through YouTube sensations like Danielle Carolan, and the book "#GirlBoss" written by Sophia Amoruso. You might have seen the phrase on t-shirts, phone cases, or maybe even signs at the Woman's March this past year. A Girl Boss is the boss of their life and they motivate not only themselves, but other woman, to be the most fierce and successful versions of themselves possible. Intrigued yet?

Well, either if you want to join this movement or gain some more tips, you're on the right path. Here are my top ten essential Girl Boss tips and tricks that I use on the daily.

1. Have a mantra.

You need a power word that's going to inspire you each and everyday. You wake up and you read it on your wall. It's the background on your iPhone screen. You say it to yourself when you're getting stressed. You get the point. This word will remind you of your boss status and keep you on the track to success.

2. Schedule your life out.

Pick your favorite app (mine is Google Calendar) or planner and schedule, schedule, schedule! This helps me see what I have to get done, and frankly, I end up feeling like I have a lot to, which contributes to my time-management.

I schedule everything from class to a phone call I need to make. It's organized, neat, and compatible with my phone and computer! If you like having a hardcopy, try buying a planner or making a bullet journal. Time-management and organization is key.

3. Figure out if you're a night or day person.

What do I mean by that exactly? Well, do you get more work done during the day or night? Do you feel more motivated waking up early and getting a majority of your work done by noon? Or, are you more motivated as a night owl? Everyone is different, so figure out which type of person you are.

4. Dress for your mood.

Everyone says, "dress for success," or "dress well, test well," which is true, but I prefer to say "dress for your mood." If you wake up one day and you're exhausted and just not feeling it, are you really going to be happy forcing yourself into a pair of jeans just to "dress for success?" No! Dress how you feel, because the more comfortable you are, the better you'll feel. Heels or flip-flops, dress the way that compliments your mood.

5. Go do work in a coffee shop or somewhere on campus. Don't do work at home.

Personally, I find this tip to be the epitome of my productivity. If you're doing work at home, maybe you can get work done, but how often have you glanced over at your bed and thought about all the sleep you could be doing? Probably a few times at least. By getting out of the house, you force yourself to be in an environment where people are doing work, too.

Grab a cup of coffee, find the most aesthetically pleasing place on campus, and get that work done.

6. Make a Girl Boss playlist.

Spend a bit of time making a playlist on Spotify that's filled with songs that make you feel empowered and hungry for success. Fill that bad boy up, and rock out while grinding.

7. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

Focus on surrounding yourself with people who have the same motivation and charisma you do. I'm not saying you can't be friends with people who aren't like you, just make sure you're finding people that aren't dragging you down. Girl Bosses attract Girl Bosses, and vice versus.

8. Make a list of positives.

Being a Girl Boss has a lot to do with gratitude and positivity. End each day by writing down one positive thing that happened. Even if you have a bad day, find the good in it. This will allow you to realize that everyday has good, no matter what may have happened. There's good in everything.

9. Go on adventures by yourself.

Yes! Do things by yourself. Grab coffee or dinner with yourself. Go on a road trip alone. Do things alone! Sometimes being by yourself is the best way to be in touch with your inner Girl Boss.

10. Do what YOU want.

The number one rule as a Girl Boss is to do what you want. Go after your dreams and conquer every day in the pursuit of your happiness. Be determined to reach your goals for you and no one else. You are your number one fan, remember that.

Keep on keeping on, and remember that Girl Bosses run the world.

Cover Image Credit: Danielle Marie Carolan

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