5 Tips For That Person Who Can’t Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

At this point in the semester, we're all starting to feel the burnout and the longing for Thanksgiving Break. It's easy to begin losing motivation to emerge from your warm blankets into the cold, dark fall mornings, so if you're going to get out of bed late, here are some tips to do it the right way.

1. Set yourself up for success the night before. 

One of the most helpful things to do for yourself is to prepare for the morning before you sleep. Even though I get out of bed late, I rarely forget my books, because I run through my schedule and pack them before I get in bed. You can do most things from prepping breakfast to setting up an outfit and it makes more of a difference than you'd think.

2. Find that one thing to motivate you. 

Most of our first thoughts waking up are either related to that weird dream you had or all the tasks you must complete before you fall asleep again tonight. However, the best motivator to get out of bed on time is the opposite of these things. Every day, you should find something to look forward to that motivates you from the moment you wake up. This can be something big like going out with your friends, but even small things like treating yourself to coffee or knowing at the end of the day you can sit and watch Netflix can help you think positive and motivate you to get ready.

3. Set your alarm for an earlier time. 

I know this sounds counterintuitive, as getting up may make you more tired than you were to begin with. However, by getting up even 15 minutes earlier, you give yourself time to wake up. I like using the first 15 minutes I wake up to check my phone and relax as I check my notifications and scroll through my Instagram or Pinterest feed. Having this time to relax so I'm not waking up and immediately rushing to classes just makes it easier to get my day started.

4. Consider your schedule. 

Although many of us can't control the times that we need to get ready, there are a lot of ways to tweak your schedule, so you can get out of bed on time. If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, you should avoid early-morning commitments when you can. If not, try to schedule a bedtime for yourself so you feel more rested and readier for the day.

5. Set priorities.

After you've rolled out of bed, you need to make sure you're doing the most important tasks before you leave for work or school. Don't waste your time getting distracted by something that can be done later if you haven't brushed your teeth yet!

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