How to Avoid the Mistakes of DIY Painting

How to Avoid the Mistakes of DIY Painting

To help you to prevent further mistakes on your DIY painting and be like professional painters


Here are some of the tips and reminders that are also approved by New Castle Painting BC | Painters Burnaby,Vancouver,North Van,Port Coquitlam,Langley & More

Selecting the Wrong Colors

You may think that you can commit mistakes the moment you pick up your brush, but no. Because one of the basic mistakes we usually do is basing your paint color choice on color chips only. You pick out what you think is a nice color from the strip then order it right away. But when you put the paint on the walls, you will end up disappointed because it does not look like the color you ordered.

To avoid this mistake, ask the paint store to combine ample paint that you can take home to try it out on the wall. You do the try-out in both normal and artificial light, at day and night. And when the results are far from what you expect, at least you will not spend your money on something that you find frustrating.

Another thing is that you should avoid choosing bright colors, especially if you are planning to sell your home. Choose neutral colors.

1. Some Beginner Mistakes

One of the common mistakes especially in first-time paintings is that the lid of the paint can is always been left out. Aside from the tendency that someone can step on the lid and trail paint all over. Making the habit of keeping the lid on the paint will keep your paint cleaner. Moreover, it also prevents the paint from drying out from forming in the can or on the lid. Plus, you can prevent the two similar colors to mix up.

Another common error before painting is neglecting your pets, forgetting to put them in a safe area of your home. To avoid the problems that can happen like messing around while doing your project, keep your pets locked away from the project at all times.

2.Jerking the Ceiling

The simple incident of bumping the ceiling with the roller can surely create a bothersome touch-up job. You can get rid of this problem, first, roll a horizontal strip of paint parallel to the ceiling, then vertically roll up to the horizontal strip.


To achieve the smoothest possible appearance when you're painting woodwork, doors or cabinets, do not put too much brushwork. Load the brush and swiftly paint to cover an area. Then do a stroke or two to level it off. Moreover, to get rid of unappealing brush marks and ridges, brushing over in the same area, especially right after the paint has started to dry.

4.Neglecting the Weather Condition and Temperature

Paint does not work well extreme temperatures. So, you have to consider what type of climate your location does have. If you live in a cold climate, consider the latex or acrylic paint into the house. And do not forget the latex caulk because the freezing temperature can ruin both the latex paint and caulk.

Another painting mistake related to temperature is its tendency to get the freeze. Paint cannot dry appropriately in freezing condition because it will only dry partially and when touched, it will easily come off. On the other hand, painting during the hot season is also a bad idea. The paint will start to dry right before you can evenly spread it and can boil and slough off. At this time, you can set your painting to avoid direct sun if possible. Or you can paint facing the south in the morning or evening, the time when the sun is less intense.

5. Doing Spray Painting Without Covering

Using spray cans or paint sprayers do not guarantee that it cannot overspray. To avoid this, cover everything using thin plastic or drop cloths. Meanwhile, if you are painting outdoors, do not consider spraying if it is windy to prevent its mist to drift farther, causing more worse problems like having stains on your area.

6. The Roller you are Using already Touches the Floor

If you are painting on new walls before the baseboard is mounted, leave an unpainted strip on the lowest area where it will be protected by the baseboard. If you paint too close to the floor, your roller cover could touch it. If this happens, it can pick up unnecessary things like dirt, lint, and hair that you will then spread across the wall.

7.Inability to Test before Painting on Popcorn Ceilings

Testing to paint a small section before fully painting over a popcorn-textured ceiling is essential. It will help you to see if the texture stays up. If it does, you can then paint the whole ceiling. Not testing will fail you to see that some textures on the ceiling will fall off in sheets when painted over.

8.Painting in Glossy Surfaces

When you paint a surface with a varnish coat or glossy paint, make sure to give that finish some trial first to ensure that the new paint will stick. Thorough sanding will work, however, smearing the surface using liquid deglosser is easier and more effective.

9.Painting in Low Light

Never try to paint interior surfaces in blurred light. The painted surface may look fine at first at this light, but when you expose the window in natural or bright light, thin patches and other imperfections will be revealed. That is why you have to always make sure that bright light is present when painting.

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