How The Eclipse Brought Us Together; Just For A Little Bit

It's kind of ironic, how in a time of darkness in the United States, that a time of darkness for even just two minutes, allowed us to come together to watch and do the same thing. It didn't matter that someone was a different race or religion, etc, because in the end: all the same people still traveled to the hub centers of the eclipse as it made its travel across the US. We all huddled together to stare in awe at the great astronomical phenomenon.

Ironic how the country at this point in time, in disarray, was covered by an eclipse that traveled from the east coast to the west coast, giving almost everyone a chance to see the spectacle.

City streets and commons that were once packed with hated such a short time ago, were now filled with sun-gazers --all with the same end goal: of seeing the solar eclipse and being happy. And in the end, everyone feels special in some way because they are experiencing an event that doesn't happen quite too often. But to do so meant that you may have had to share your glasses, or stand next to that person, or even camp next to them. We came together for this short moment.

The eciplse doesn't happen often and when it does, it reminds how small we are and how precious time is...and times like these.

Just for a couple of seconds, spanning two minutes, the country subsided on the insanity and hatred that was seen in the past weeks and came together as one nation once more.

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