Spring Break is an anticipated week for many college students across the United States. Despite your circumstances, if you go out of town or stay home, there is a pretty high possibility that you'll go out more than usual to enjoy your free time. However, Spring break can be the opposite of fun if you don't take precautions on certain things. Here are some tips I suggest to take during your well-deserved break:

1. Take Naps

This may be the opposite tip suggestion on the term fun. However, taking a nap would help you be energized for night events and you're kind of sleep deprived because of previous late study night sessions. Take the nap, you won't miss much and won't faint of exhaustion.

2. Eat and Hydrate

Yes, feeling your buzz is fun when you're drinking, but always remember to eat and hydrate (H20 or Gatorade) before and after a few drinks. You don't want to be the one that makes various trips to the bathroom and ruin your friends' fun by holding your hair back from the toilet seat.

3. Have a buddy by your side

It is always wise and highly suggested to have a friend by your side when ordering drinks at the bar. Spring break can be fun but easily dangerous. Many people can spill something into your drink without you noticing, and it can lead to a scary situation. Always have your best bud by your side to protect each other from harm.

4.Budget yourself

Sometimes we get carried away with ordering drinks or shopping when we're away on vacation. However, being college students we have to try to budget ourselves no matter what. Try to take out some cash instead of using your plastic card so you won't get carried away on your spending, so you won't regret it later when you come back to reality.

5. Think twice about what you're doing

Make memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. Don't make decisions on something you will regret later. Especially if it gets you to the point that your family will disown you.