How Social Media Killed The Relationship

How Social Media Killed The Relationship

The internet has made people see relationships as such a chore.


Scrolling through twitter seeing #goals with a picture of a text saying, “check outside” and a package full of make-up from a significant other is not #goals. That is what I like to call #goaltrolls. Those can be defined as people who present an unusually interesting and seemingly perfect relationship for the likes.

Call me old fashioned but I think quality time with someone you enjoy being around is fun. Just being able to hangout and not always having to be doing something is so nice and comfortable. Of course dates are a huge plus but that doesn't mean it has to be anything extravagant. A trip to the zoo, a walk on the beach or in a park, and of course the usual grabbing a bite to eat will suffice. I do not know where everyone got these ideas or the money to be able to spoil their significant other all of the time.

Teenagers have been given the impression that spending hundreds of dollars on your significant other is the only way to be in love. Twitter has created this facade that makes people believe a relationship has to be shown off. With this generation spending quality time with the person you like/love is just not enough anymore.

The world of social media has influenced the dating world tremendously. Starting with Snapchat where “it's not really official until you are posted on their story” to posting Woman Crush Wednesdays (wcw) and Man Crush Mondays (mcm) on Instagram every week just to make sure people do not forget you are taken. Now do not get me wrong, I love being shown off to the world just like the next girl. But the posts start to feel like a chore you have to do to keep the relationship going.

Many also feel pressured to make every “month-aversary” something crazy with gifts and all. That is one of the most mind-blowing things for me though. Spontaneous gifts are nice. But what more could you honestly ask for than someone who loves you and who you know will always be there.

The way I see it, if you care about someone you are going to want to show them off to the world. If you do not feel that way you are definitely with the wrong person. However, society and social media should not have influence on how one goes about that. If you want to do something a little extra for your love every now and then, go for it. But for anyone who thinks that they do not want to be in a relationship due to the amount of money they will have to spend on the person they are with has the wrong idea of what a relationship is. All in all, a relationship should be about enjoying time with a person. It should not be about how much stuff you can get them to buy you. Teenagers should not be so focused on money, they should just be focused on having fun and the memories they are making with someone. Relationships are just not fun anymore when all anyone ever does is make them seem like work.

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