Every part of our day is now being shown to the entire world.

The most personal parts of our lives are being shown on display, such as our relationships. Dating has gone from being a relationship between two people to a relationship with the whole world alongside them. If two people are dating, it is expected by many for there to be an official post on social media about it.

Whatever happens to that couple not only will affect them, but everyone else who follows them on social media.

When two people begin dating, it is expected of them to insert the date of when they started seeing each other in their Instagram bio and to post a picture with that person. When they post that photo on Instagram, their relationship is now official.

Back in 2016, Ariana Grande posted a picture on Instagram of herself cuddling with Mac Miller. The caption for the photo was "baabyyy". When that photo was released, everyone knew that it meant Grande and Miller were dating.

If someone does not post a picture with their boyfriend or girlfriend, then many people will come to the conclusion that they aren't in a relationship or that the relationship is fake. There is a lot of pressure on couples who are dating to prove their relationship is going well. They have to post it online to show everyone how perfect it is, even when it is not.

They want to come off as happy to the rest of the world because that is what society has taught them to do.

Many want to know about the relationships of people they know and even of those they do not know, including the good and bad parts of it. If a couple stops posting with their significant other on social media, everyone starts talking. They automatically assume that something went wrong in the relationship. Their thought process is that either one of the partners cheated on the other or that they just broke up.

Some people like to keep their private life private, but because of how invested everyone has become in each other's lives, there is no such thing as privacy anymore.

There is a huge need nowadays for people to have the internet validate their relationships.

This need for verification from others has affected the happiness and successfulness of couples. There is data that shows a negative correlation between levels of relationship satisfaction and social media use. People feel pressure to put their relationship online and look like the most perfect couple that others should be jealous of. They become obsessed with this need to have the most unflawed and idyllic relationship.

Social media has made couples have a distorted vision of what a happy and strong relationship should look like.

People love when they are in a relationship because it means they get to post a lot of photos on social media. When people get notifications on their phone that someone "liked" their post or commented on it, the chemical dopamine is released. This hormone makes people feel good.

The more someone gets to post a picture of themselves with their boyfriend or girlfriend, the more notifications they will receive. This means more dopamine released to make them feel good.

When couples are dating now, they need an audience to perform for.

In this case, the rest of the world is their audience. They post pictures together online and hope that their audience likes it. When they get a response from them, it makes them feel good and makes them want to continue to post more pictures together. Even if they are not happy in their relationships, they will still post because they have to keep up with their performance to keep their audience happy.

People want to see when a couple becomes official online, and then they watch the progress of that relationship. Society is basing whether a relationship is successful or not based off if that couple is posting about each other. Posting a picture of your significant other has become the equivalent of a guy giving his girlfriend his letterman jacket to wear around school.

This desire for wanting others to know that they are dating someone has always existed, but now, there is a lot more pressure.

Society has come up with a perfect version of what a relationship should look like. Everyone is just trying to live up to that expectation of being perfect and happy together all the time, even if it is a complete lie.